Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon were reported to appear in the newest TV project together. The untitled TV show from Michael Ellenberg, the HBO alum, is expected to hit the marketplace very soon. Meanwhile, it will be shopped around to some premium cable networks and streaming services on the coming weeks.

It was also reported that Aniston and Witherspoon were the chosen pair who will star for the said untitled series. Further, it was also revealed that the show would say certain things about New York and it is slated to air every morning.

HBO and streaming services

This big TV series project which slated to star Aniston and Witherspoon is expected to take on the big networks like HBO. Meanwhile, it was also revealed that the upcoming morning show would also be made available on the different streaming services online.

Further, other online services will also include Netflix, and the show is expected to draw interest among thousands of viewers online. As per a report from The Hollywood Reporter, the said untitled project will be based on the original idea which was spearheaded by Ellenberg.

Just recently, he was also reported to have launched his first film and TV production company. Hence, the upcoming show is slated to be one of his biggest project to be released.

Further, it was also reported that Jay Carson had been identified to pen for the scripts. Apart from being the host, Witherspoon is also slated to be one of the executive producers of the show together with Steve Kloves.

Friends for years

Amid the news, fans of Aniston and Witherspoon were all excited as they'll get the chance to see these two personalities again on TV.

To recall, both stars have already worked together on the show, "Friends." Witherspoon used to be a guest star on the series as Aniston's younger sister. Since then, both have developed and kept their friendship over the years.

Apparently, the news about this upcoming project had come shortly when Witherspoon was also nominated for her role in "Big Little Lies." On the other hand, Aniston's husband was also fresh from his show, "The Leftovers," which has lasted for its three-season run on HBO.

To recall, Aniston has also gained around five nominations from her previous series, "Friends." Since then, she has always been identified as one of the best personalities regarding acting. Meanwhile, Witherspoon was also believed to be active in her career, and she has also gained awards on Oscar for her role in "Walk the Line."