It has been over two weeks since ALDC owner and former Dance Moms mentor Abby Lee Miller started her 366-day sentence at the Federal Correctional Complex in Victorville, California. The controversial reality star is reportedly facing tough times as she transitions to life behind bars.

Recently, new details about Miller's prison time emerged online, revealing some interesting updates on how the 50-year-old dance instructor is coping with the challenges of being in jail.

Inmate reveals Abby's condition behind bars

Former inmate Holli Coulma -- who is currently free but still maintained ties inside jail-- told In Touch Weekly that things are not going smoothly for Miller inside the prison.

Coulma revealed that the Dance Moms star has been quite a mess ever since she started her year-long sentence.

The former inmate added that Abby has been really quiet since arriving in jail but will have "fits of crying" from time to time. Coulma also noted that the reality star is definitely having a hard time adjusting to her new life.

Although Miller has mostly kept to herself, Coulma dished about the cold shoulder that the ALDC founder has been getting from the staff. There were also claims that the Pittsburgh native has been cleaning toilets, which is considered as one of the most demeaning jobs inside the prison.

Aside from the staff, Abby is allegedly not getting along well with the other inmates.

Coulma revealed that the prisoners have a negative impression of the Dance Moms star even before she arrived in jail. Apparently, the inmates have rallied against her because of her image at the Lifetime reality show.

"They think she’s rude, loud, and obnoxious. They want her to be taken down a peg."

Similarly, the guards also shared the same sentiments with the inmates.

Coulma alleged that they don't like "white-collar crimes" and certainly don't like "celebrities".

How should Abby deal with it?

With Miller's current condition inside the prison, Coulma suggested that it will be in her best interest to continue laying low. Otherwise, the rest of her sentence will be exponentially worse.

Coulma pointed out that in prison, once they heard a rumor of fighting, the inmate will be sent to solitary confinement right away, which she described as a "very bad place".

"If they even hear a rumor that you’re fighting, they’ll send you to the Special Housing Unit."

Her fears about life after prison

Although Miller still got a long way to go before completing her sentence, the Dance Moms star is already worried about how her life will change once she's out of prison. The famous choreographer has already expressed her concern about ALDC now that she's not around to oversee things.

Although her dance studio is set to continue operation with the help of Gianna Martello, Miller is reportedly scared that she might lose control of the place after being away for quite a while.

"Will I come out and have nothing? Will I come out and be right back where I started? That's what's scary.

That's more scary than going in."

Aside from her business, Abby is also allegedly worried about her weight. It can be recalled that prior to her jail time, the Dance Moms star has undergone gastric sleeve surgery.

With very limited food options inside the prison, Miller was advised to be careful in making her choices to maintain her health.