Abby Lee Miller had some fears before she entered her prison cell but her fear of being abused and hurt inside the prison facility was compounded with her assigned prison job – cleaning the toilet and bath. Will the "Dance Moms" mentor stand the “dirty job?”

The 'Dance Moms' coach job assignment in prison is the hardest

According to Radar Online, an inmate said that the 50-year-old former coach’s first days in the FCI Victorville facility were literally hellish. The insider said that her first assignment was to clean the toilet and bath and that would earn her 12 cents per hour.

The source further revealed that she stayed in her bunk the whole day and was afraid to come out or go to the TV room to evade the stares of fellow inmates. Intentionally, she evades being confronted. Abby Lee Miller who was convicted of bankruptcy fraud has been experiencing daily horrors. The food is not satisfying, the facility is very noisy, and her co-inmates have not liked her since day one.

An inmate who was recently freed, named Hollie Coulman, said that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the ALDC founder. She will be allowed to shop tomorrow and will mail out visitation forms for her friends and family to be able to visit her. However, Coulman said that it will take around 30 days for the recipient to receive them.

Maddie Ziegler’s mentor will be shut off from the outside world completely for a month as her visitors can only come 30 days after her entry. Miller’s stature as a celebrity makes it more difficult for her to adjust to prison life. Fellow inmates would probably treat her differently because of her status.

Miller prison diet revealed

Miller may buy from the prison store which includes Top Ramen noodles, plenty of Coca-cola, Spam, Hot & Spicy pork skin chips, cookies & cream ice cream, and canned Albacore tuna. It seems that Miller will be eating lots of sugary and fatty foods for her snacks.

The regular menu for any day is composed of wheat bread with jelly, fruit, hot grits, and a cup of skimmed milk.

For lunch, she can have a burger with French fries or baked potato with fruit. For dinner, she can have bean soup with a sandwich. During weekends they are served chicken tacos and sloppy joes as reported by Daily Mail.

The “Dance Moms” coach hired a prison expert to educate her on how to conduct herself in the prison facility. She was advised to follow orders and to get tight with prison officers to get better job assignments. But first, just like the rest of the new women inmates, they have to do the toilet and bath cleaning job. Abby Lee Miller will stay in prison for one year and one day but if she behaves well, she might get out of prison in 10 months time.