Daniel Radcliffe is the actor who became world-famous after impersonating the leading role of Harry Potter in the Harry Potter movie saga. Some of his other movies include "Now You See Se 2," "Victor Frankenstein," and "What If." He has also acted on stage in both London and on Broadway. Born and bred in England, the 27-year-old is currently living in New York. Radcliffe refuses to have social media accounts because he really appreciates his privacy. He believes that one's life is meaningless if one has to constantly go on about what one is doing every second of the day on Facebook or Twitter.

Radcliffe is well-known for his charity work. He has made major contributions to Demelza Hospice Care for Children and the Trevor Project (a suicide prevention program). In fact, he was awarded the Trevor Project Hero of the Year in 2011. However, a recent visit to London proved once again that he is a hero both on the silver screen and off.

Coming to the aid of mugging victim in London

On Friday the 14th of July 2017, Daniel Radcliffe was walking on a street in Chelsea, London. A motorcycle without number plates suddenly pulled over, and the riders jumped off and attacked a man in his fifties who happened to be carrying a Louis Vitton bag. The unnamed man is a tourist, visiting England. Radcliffe watched as the riders slashed the man in his face with a knife.

Following the attack, the muggers made off on their motorcycle with the bag. An ex-cop who happened to be in the vicinity and who witnessed the attack, David Videcette, chased after the muggers but to no avail.

While the chase was underway, Radcliffe helped to tend to the man's wounds. I suppose it isn't every day that Harry Potter is your makeshift doctor.

Videcette was surprised to find Radcliffe with the man after returning from the chase. The police were however unfortunately unable to apprehend the attackers.

Videcette has been quoted as saying in surprise, "You're Daniel Radcliffe." He later also told the press that Radcliffe is a "nice bloke." Radcliffe, however, didn't wish to talk to the press about the incident.

A truly humble hero.

Similar episodes with other celebrities

Radcliffe is just one of the good Samaritan celebrities out there. Tom Hardy apprehended a teen motorcycle thief earlier this year in Richmond, America. Ryan Gosling has saved dogs on the highway and bloggers in New York. There are many sneakily good celebrities out there.