Maddie Ziegler was once Abby Lee Miller’s favorite student. The young dancer has always been the famously tough teacher’s star pupil and many believed that the pair worked well together as teacher and student. However, “The Book of Henry” actress recently revealed that she is no longer in contact with her former mentor and she wants nothing to do with her at all.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Maddie Ziegler admitted that she and Abby Lee Miller don’t talk anymore. When asked about her former dance teacher’s fraud and money laundering cases, the 14-year-old simply responded, “I don't really think I have anything to say about her."

With her growing success in Hollywood, it’s quite clear that Maddie Ziegler is trying not to link her name to Abby Lee Miller’s personal troubles.

The teen is aware that her former mentor's legal battles may tarnish her name as well so she opted not to talk about her at all.

Maddie Ziegler reveals relationship with former mentor is non-existent

It can be recalled that the 50-year-old dance instructor and choreographer usually favored the “Ballerina” actress over her peers. Abby Lee Miller believed that Maddie Ziegler had the best chance among the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) Elite Competition Team members to make it big in Hollywood, so she treated her differently than the rest of the girls.

Not surprisingly, Maddie became one of the most promising stars of her generation. The teen instantly became a household name after her incredible performance in Sia’s mega-successful “Chandelier” music video.

Unfortunately for Abby Lee Miller, her plan of making Maddie Ziegler a huge star fired back at her. Although the popular teen still loved being a part of the ALDC team, she was ready to move on from the Lifetime show to seek bigger opportunities for her blossoming career.

Former ‘Dance Moms’ star more than ready to move on from Lifetime show

Maddie Ziegler’s decision to exit from the show obviously did not sit well with Abby. The dance teacher had been tough with “The Book of Henry” actress during her last days on the show and the teen took as a sign that Abby never really cared for her. Her younger sister, Mackenzie Ziegler, also left the reality dance television series with her in season 6. Now, Maddie Ziegler is slowly detaching herself from Abby Lee Miller to the point that other called her an ingrate since her former mentor and the “Dance Moms” show catapulted her to stardom.