Abby Lee Miller, the fierce dance mentor that has produced dance stars like Maddie Ziegler, Jojo Siwa, and Chloe Lukasiak is now facing the reality of her crimes. The Dance Moms mentor was sentenced to one-year and one-day imprisonment. After which, she will be on probation for two years.

The sentence which Abby Lee Miller was given was made lighter than what the prosecutors originally intend. It was supposed to be two years and six months in federal prison. She pleaded guilty for not disclosing her earnings from “Dance Moms” after she filed for bankruptcy.

Her indebtedness to the IRS amounted to $400,000 in taxes which she can no longer pay, hence the bankruptcy proceeding.

The nature of Abby Lee Miller's offense

The undisclosed amount was $700,000. Added to her case was the amount of $120,000 Australian currency that she hid from the bankruptcy court. After her sentence, she said that she is not a hardcore criminal. Her sentence was something she has feared even before her scheduled sentencing.

According to a report by Radar Online, the 50-year-old convict will commence her sentence on June 30 which was deferred from the original date which is June 25. As of this time, no specific prison facility was revealed where Miller will serve her prison term.

Two facilities are being considered – Victorville or Apple Valley.

On June 30, the brains behind "Dance Moms" will be stripped of her freedom to continue with her hectic life. She will be away for a year on television which she loves so much. It can be recalled that Miller became famous as the fierce mentor of “Dance Moms.” Despite the fact that she was terrorizing her students, she was able to produce talents like Maddie Ziegler.

Miller revealed that after going out of prison, she will be producing a musical show based on the original script. Recently, she still made use of her time outside of the cell to make money. She was allowed by the court to travel for shows which were agreed even before she was sentenced.

'Dance Moms' Coach's prison term starts soon

Prison life is now becoming real for the actress. She will have no right to be in the limelight momentarily but she will become a disgraced mentor. Her fears are now becoming a reality after her sentence was handed down according to Christian Today.

Before her sentence, she resigned from “Dance Moms” because of conflicts with Lifetime. The rights to the reality show remain with the network but Abby Lee Miller plans to continue where she left off after she regains her freedom.