Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor are doing great and even just filmed their own reality show. Radar Online shared that in a preview for "Vanderpump Rules: Brittany & Jax Take Kentucky" she talks about the things that he would need to change before they would get married. Jax already told her that if he ever wanted to get married, she would be the girl for him.

Brittany Cartwright reveals all

Brittany explains that there is one big thing that Jax would have to fix before they could get married and that is his temper. She shared saying, "He would have to bring himself down a notch and realize he is not the big man on campus all the time.

He needs to be a little bit more level headed."

She went on to explain that sometimes Jax can be a great guy, but he also ends up turning around and doing something which is a total screw up. The fans have seen jax taylor make these mistakes on the show. She feels like he needs to learn some respect still.

Brittany's mom isn't holding back either

It turns out that Brittany Cartwright's mom Sherry is speaking out, too. She has made it clear that she wants Jax and Brittany to Tie The Knot at some point. She also wants them to start going to church together. She really wants Jax to be more conservative if they were to get married. Another thing she wants is for him to add more money to his savings.

Jax Taylor is still working at SUR, and things seem to be going well for him. Of course, he is also making money from the show "Vanderpump Rules" and also their new spin-off. If Jax is smart with his money, it might not be hard for him to put some money into his savings.

A source previously said that they didn't feel like Jax was ready for marriage.

It has been hard for him to take a relationship seriously, but as soon as Brittany Cartwright moved to LA, she started living with Jax Taylor. They have lived together ever since, and it has seemed like an engagement could happen anytime. The fans have seen Jax go through a few girlfriends on the show, but Brittany has really been the only one that he seems serious about.

She gets along with all of his friends and really does seem to be the perfect match for him.

Are you surprised that Brittany Cartwright wants Jax Taylor to change a few things before they tie the knot? Do you feel like these two will ever get married? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss "Vanderpump Rules: Brittany & Jax Take Kentucky" when it starts airing on Bravo in August.