Mackenzie Standifer was roped into filming "Teen Mom OG" due to her relationship with Ryan Edwards. He is the father of Maci Bookout's son and the reason the two are on the franchise in the first place. MacKenzie and Ryan seemed to be a good pair. Maci talked about how much she liked Standifer, so much so that the two had a heart to heart while filming "Teen Mom OG" last season. Unfortunately, that was short-lived.

Ryan's problem

During the latter part of the season, Maci Bookout revealed something was going on with Ryan Edwards. It wasn't spoken outright, but it was inferred that there were drug issues happening.

MacKenzie Standifer had just accpeted a proposal from Edwards, and the two had begun planning their wedding. As this storyline unfolded during filming, there was action happening in real time between Standifer and Edwards. It was revealed that he was suffering from an addiction (the drug of choice has never been confirmed).

A decision was made to marry quickly back in May. Despite all of the time MacKenzie Standifer had put into planning her wedding, they were going to do a quickie one before Ryan Edwards left for rehab. After completing what was believed to be a 30-day program, he was back out and spending time with his wife while throwing shade at Maci Bookout.

The backlash for MacKenzie

While the "Teen Mom OG" cameras filmed the drive to the wedding, there were some disturbing things caught on camera.

In fact, MTV issued a warning prior to the scenes being aired. Ryan Edwards was clearly under the influence of something while driving his car to go get married. MacKenzie Standifer was riding in the passenger seat. When she realized something was off with Edwards, she tried hard to play it off. Standifer then pulled the camera from the car and before cutting off the audio, she was caught questioning whether or not he had taken Xanax "again."

Now, MacKenzie Standifer may be quitting "Teen Mom OG" because of the backlash she received on social media.

Fans attacked her for her lack of diligence in getting Ryan Edwards help and for endangering other lives while letting him drive. When the reunion show aired, she was seen accusing Maci Bookout of exploiting Edwards for her own personal gain. The social media crowd didn't take too kindly to that. Standifer was attacked for blaming Bookout. She posted an "I quit" photo on Instagram, leading to speculation she is done with "Teen Mom OG."