There have always been rumors about Jax Taylor of "Vanderpump Rules" being gay or at least messing around with men in his past. Everyone is curious if this is true, but they just don't know. So far, Jax has denied these rumors. Now Jeff Lewis of "Flipping Out" is speaking out on his thoughts about these rumors. He appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" to talk with Andy Cohen. Both Jeff and Andy are openly gay, so they shared their opinions.

Jeff Lews reveals his thoughts

Andy Cohen asked Jeff, "Do you think Jax has ever done it with a guy?" Jax denies it, but others think it is true.

Jeff shared that he does think that Jax may have fooled around with guys in the past. He also shared that this doesn't mean that he is gay, but he does think he did a few things.

Bethenny Frankel even asked why Lewis and Cohen might think that Jax Taylor likes men better. Jax does have a girlfriend, and things are very serious with Brittany Cartwright. He has even told her that he plans to marry her in the future, but Jax wants to wait until he is ready to do it. In the past, Jax has said that he would never get married, but it looks like he has finally found the girl that changed his mind about it. They are getting along really well and it looks like marriage is coming soon for Jax.

Tom Schwartz even brought up that Jax has allegedly slept with men during his recent roast.

This really upset Jax because his girlfriend Brittany's mom was there and he doesn't want her thinking that is true at all. All that Jax has ever admitted to doing is kissing a guy and nothing else. Jax never even gave details about the kiss.

Radar Online has reached out to jax taylor in the past about these rumors, but he won't answer them.

It sounds like Jax just wants these rumors to end and everyone to stop talking about them. He is obviously very happy with Brittany and plans to marry her at some point, just not yet. Katie and Tom just got married, and there are bets that Jax and Brittany could be the next couple to tie the knot. Kristen Doute is also really serious with her new boyfriend Carter.

Ariana and Tom are saying they won't get married, but are buying a house together and will be together forever.

Do you think that Jax Taylor could be gay or at least fooled around with men in the past? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" on Monday nights on Bravo. There are two weeks of the big reunion show left and you do not want to miss that drama.