The latest episode of the "Dragon Ball Super" anime adaptation series finally aired the highly anticipated fight between the Saiyans and Pride Troopers. The action-packed episode promised various battles that involved the members of Team Universe 7.

Meet the Pride Troopers

The five Pride Troopers from Team Universe 11 are General Kahseral, Cocotte, Tupper, Zoiray, and Kettol. They were initially instructed by Toppo to fight and eliminate Son Goku, Caulifla, and Kale as revealed in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 101.

The five warriors from Team Universe 11 were clearly strong since Goku couldn't even put up a fight against Tupper and Kettol.

If Android 18 had not interrupted the fight and saved him, Goku would have been eliminated as well.

Kahseral has the ability to generate weapons through the use of energy and Universe 11's god of destruction, Belmod (Vermouth) commends him as one of the greatest conquerors he knows. The female trooper named Cocotte has the ability to create dimensions and illusions that she usually makes to support the team's defense.

The tiny Zoiray has the ability to create powerful whirlwinds, which he can combine with Tupper's attacks. Tupper's ability also allows him to manipulate his weight, which made it easy for him to subdue Goku.

Lastly, Kettol is strong enough to go against Caulifla and Kale on his own.

He has the ability to rain down countless powerful energy balls towards his opponents.

Kale masters Super Saiyan

In the previous episode of "Dragon Ball Super," Kale unleashed a terrifying power that wrecked the arena thanks to her Legendary Super Saiyan transformation, which is also referred to as her berserker form. However, in the new episode of the said anime, she finally overcame her insecurities and she was able to transform into Super Saiyan and even Ultra Super Saiyan.

In "Dragon Ball Super" episode 101, Kale was finally able to master the hidden powers of the Saiyan after finally accepting the fact she is not a burden to Caulifla. In an attempt to save Caulifla and to fend off the formidable Pride Troopers, Kale was able transform with ease and attack with full power.

Kale was proven to be stronger even in her Super Saiyan form as she breaks free from a ball of supposedly unbreakable inter-dimensional illusion barrier.

It was Cocotte who placed her in there and shortly after breaking free, Kale and Caulifla combined their full powers to eliminate three of the Pride Troopers.

General Kahseral, Zoiray, and Tupper were blown off the arena while Cocotte was able to stay behind, safe within bounds after surrounding herself with her force field. However, Android 18 took this as an opportunity to lift Cocotte's force field and threw her away from the arena as well. Team Universe 11 is now panicking after realizing that they only have four warriors left in the Tournament of Power.