There really seems to be something compelling to small towns with big lies. This is the perfect setting to HBO's newest mystery-drama series, "Big Little Lies." The series is top-billed by three of Hollywood's A-list actresses - Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and Shailene Woodley. It recently wrapped up its first season last April and up until now, no word about Season 2 has been released by HBO.

The fans are excitedly waiting for an announcement and are fervently hoping that the network will finally give the green light for the next season. It is worth noting that Reese Witherspoon has been teasing the fans with hints of a season 2, but it was only recently that Nicole Kidman joined in on giving the fans a hint of the next season's fate.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the 50-year old actress recently hinted that "Big Little Lies" season 2 is very up in the air. Kidman plays the role of Celeste in the series and has earned an Emmy nomination for the said role.

Television Critics Association attendance

The fans were already getting hints of "Big Little Lies" season 2 when the cast attended the 2017 Television Critics Association panel. However, Nicole Kidman frankly told the audience that the fate of "Big Little Lies" season 2 is still in murky waters.

Although she admitted that there were already a lot of ideas and stories laid out for a possible next season, those ideas are still on the process of being written into an official script.

This has also led to speculations that Reese Witherspoon's upcoming series with Jennifer Aniston, might also be the reason why season 2 is in jeopardy of being on hold.

An issue with the director

Another obstacle that might be adding to the gloomy fate of "Big Little Lies" season 2 is the absence of a willing director to work on the project.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the director of the first season, Jean-Marc Vallee has revealed in a previous interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he is only down for a one-time deal.

When he was asked about the possibility of directing season 2, the director frankly said that he was not down for it. That said, if HBO decided to push through with season 2, they might have to look for another director to handle the reigns.

Nicole Kidman herself has acknowledged the fact that if Jean-Marc Vallee decides to stand firm with his decision not work on the project for the next season, it will be quite difficult for the series to look for a new director because Vallee already knew the ins and outs of the series and the cast.