K-pop superstar G-Dragon has been lauded by Vogue Magazine as a global fashion icon whose fashion clout can be compared to that of Kanye West and Kate Middleton. The magazine gave props to the BIG BANG leader for being a trendsetter in the international fashion scene.

Global Appeal

According to an article posted by Vogue, G-Dragon has the fashion clout similar to that of rapper Kanye West and the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton. Both personalities set the next trends in fashion just by wearing a certain item, whether it be sourced from a local retail store or an international fashion brand.

"Peaceminusone, which G-Dragon runs with his close collaborator Gee Eun, acts, essentially, as a working extension of the singer's image-a manifestation of the style and aesthetic that has garnered the man tens of millions of fans in his home continent of Asia, and a growing base here in the States," Vogue said in its article. The K-pop icon’s fashion clout is so strong that any item that the artist wears instantly sells out by the days’ end according to the magazine.

G-Dragon received similar praise from Alchemist founder Roma Cohen when the two met face to face for G-Dragon’s peaceminusone six day pop up store at Miami’s Alchemist Boutique. The fashion designer said he has never met anyone as powerful as the K-pop icon, who uses his own fashion brand as an expression of who he is as an artist.

Intense popularity

G-Dragon has enjoyed international recognition as the leader of BIG BANG, one of the biggest K-pop idol groups in the history of Korean music. G-Dragon’s name is a brand in itself that international brands often collaborate with the singer for major campaigns.

His latest collaborations include Chanel, Nike for their "Kiss My Airs" campaign and #8seconds, all of which have resulted in items selling out as quick as they were made available on the market.

Nike’s Vapormax line sold out in Korea in less than a minute. His third solo release entitled “Kwon Ji Yong” also sold over 200,000 copies in pre orders alone on a Chinese retail site. His kick off concert at the 65,000 seater Seoul World Cup Arena also sold out in the space of eight minutes.

Kwon Ji Yong” also maintains a solid position at #5 of Billboard’s World Albums Chart seven weeks after its release, proving the strong support for G-Dragon. The BIG BANG leader is currently in the middle of his 24-city “Act III: MOTTE” World Tour, which is expected to his last major appearances before his mandatory 2-year enlistment to the military.