"American Horror Story" was created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The series in an anthology with each season containing a different story line and different characters. The TV series is a real horror and is critically acclaimed for its terrifying plots. The seventh season trailer of the series was showcased online as well as at San Diego Comic Con. According to NME, the theme of the seventh season is "cult". This is affirmed by hoards of clowns in its promotional trailer. "American Horror Story" has already been confirmed for an eighth and ninth season.

Casting includes such actors as Connie Britton, Evan Peters, Dylan McDermott and Jessica Lange.

The new trailer features clowns

The trailer for Season 7 of "American Horror Story" was released recently and as per usual shows terrifies the viewers. The trailer begins with a disembodied head floating in darkness. Suddenly several arms appear around the borders of the video and clown characters start crawling towards her. A husky and frightening voice asks the audience if they ever feel alone. The shot then changes dramatically and features swaying clowns. There are several of these clown characters swaying from left to right and all the while the narrator continues with their chilling monolog.

There are brief flashes of an individual on a raised pedestal with what looks like satanic symbols on the platform.

This person is also surrounded by the hoards of clowns, and they continue their strange dance, swaying back and forth. A clown turns around to look at the camera before screaming. Suddenly chaos erupts, and the sequences become unpredictable and daunting. Clown characters appear wielding weapons such as axes, mallets and more.

Extra content for fans

The series is known for its horror content, and the show runners have succeeded in creating and terrifying promotional video for their seventh season. The video also contains a link to a website where fans are given the title of the series as "Cult." The site promises fans weekly videos in the run up to the premiere of the season.

Fans can log into the website by getting their "Cult ID" and acquiring a password. This idea is a brilliant way to engage fans of the series.

"American Horror Story" is set to return to the small screen on September 5th and will run for 11 episodes. Fans of the series can look forward to the horror and gore that is "American Horror Story: Cult."