There has been a lot of announcements about projects surrounding the superhero world over the past few days. Not only has the trailer for "Justice League" dropped but Warner Brothers confirmed the production of the movie "Flashpoint." The Superhero Movie is to focus on the character of Flash as he travels through time to prevent the murder of his mother. However, as he does this, he changes the entire universe and the worlds around him are changed for the worse. Then Flash must figure out a way to fix the timelines and return everything back to the way it was.

It has been confirmed that Ezra Miller will be playing the leading character.

An alternative timeline

The "Flashpoint" story line, as it is known from the comics, focuses on the character of Barry Allen in an alternate timeline. Everything that the superhero knows to be real has changed dramatically, and the world could not be more different. In this plane of existence, Superman just does not exist. Batman, Bruce Wayne, is dead and instead the role of the superhero belongs to Dr. Thomas Wayne. Not only this but two members of the "Justice League" Wonderwoman and Aquaman are at war.

According to The Verge, the "Flashpoint" story is based on Barry Allen's wish to stop the Reverse Flash from killing his mother.

Sure enough, in this alternate existence, Nora Allen is alive and well. This alternative version of the universe gives way to some new and exciting story lines not only for the Flash but also for such characters as Batman and The Joker. According to Den of Geek, Bruce Wayne's father becomes Batman after the death of his son, but Martha is consumed by her grief and becomes The Joker.

"Flashpoint" will certainly see a new superhero universe and one that fans are highly anticipating. While the film has been getting some negative press due to its take on the superhero universe, real fans of the comics will be delighted that this story arc is being explored in movie form.

Ezra Miller to play the Flash in new movie

According to Collider, it has been confirmed that Ezra Miller will be taking on the role of the Flash in the upcoming superhero movie titled "Flashpoint." Miller previously played the role of Barry Allen in the "Justice League." It appears that Warner Brothers were suitably impressed by Ezra's take on the character and it seems that the actor has joined the superhero universe for good. Ezra Miller is an incredibly talented actor who has been rising to stardom over the past few years.

"Flashpoint" is currently in production and as of yet, it is unknown if any of the other superhero actors will be appearing in the movie. There has been no confirmation as to the expected release date of the film.