Adele has been forced to cancel the last two Gigs of her world tour. The gigs were due to take place at Wembley, but the singer is experiencing difficulties with her Vocal Cords. This is not the first time that Adele has had trouble with her vocal cords. She released a statement to her fans apologizing for the cancellation and has expressed her love for her loyal followers.

Adele has apologized to fans

The singer has reached out to her fans on social media. Adele has explained to fans that she is truly devastated at having to cancel her last two Wembley appearances.

The singer told fans that she is experiencing difficulties with her vocal cords. According to The Sun, Adele went to see a doctor on Friday and was advised not to perform. The star admitted that she is already taking steroids and aids for her voice and doesn't want to risk doing irreparable damage.

This is not the first time Adele has experienced trouble with her vocal cords. Back in 2011, she was forced to cancel a number of performances because of them. She had a vocal cord hemorrhage and required surgery to correct the problem. Understandable she has been advised against performing her final two gigs at Wembley.

The star recently admitted that this may be her last ever tour and fans are wondering what this means.

There has been no commentary as to whether or not the gigs will be rescheduled. Adele has apologized for the time and money that the fan has invested in these two gigs. Fans are encouraged to follow the directions given to them online regarding their tickets.

Adele has admitted that she may never tour

Adele has released a public statement saying that her world tour might be the last ever time she tours.

Her fans are devastated at the news. The singer has explained that she wants to expand her family. Adele has told the media in the past that she does not like having her family in the spotlight. If more mini Adele's are entering the world than the star will likely evade the media as she did with her first child,

Adele has also opened up about her struggles with postnatal depression and the cripples nerves she deals with before her gigs.

The singer wants to take some time to herself and focus on her family. However, rumors have surfaced surrounding a possible stint in Los Vegas and residency.

As of yet, there has been no further commentary from either Adele or her representatives. The singer released a heartfelt message to her fans but has said nothing about rescheduling the Wembley gigs.