Adele was a big winner at the 2017 Grammy Award Ceremony, taking home 5 Grammys and Song of the Year. Her winning weight loss impressed viewers, too. But then, the "Hello" singer lost it, dropping the f-bomb and flubbing her George Michael tribute. She recovered and apologized, but not before offending some folks.

Adele, Beyonce wow at Grammy Awards

The British singer was up against some super-tough competition for Song of the Year. Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Lukas Graham and Mike Posner all had songs in the running. But "Hello" took it home. Bieber collaborated with Ed Sheeran and all other songs besides "I Took a Pill in Ibina" were collaborations.

Surprisingly, Beyonce's "Formation" was not a number one hit, nor was "7 Years" by dark horse Lukas Graham. A pregnant-with-twins Queen Bey also surprised, dancing nearly nude in a Princess Leia-type golden bikini. Her exposed baby bump caused as much of a stir as Adele's crude language.

Adele is 'f--king sorry' for f-bomb

Poor Adele had to halt her George Michael memorial due to some technical difficulties. She apologizes, saying I'm "f--king sorry!" Adele demanded a restart to her performance and later apologized repeatedly for the slips of the tongue. She said it wasn't meant to be insensitive to the WHAM singer's memory or to offend. It was just momentary annoyance. The f-flub put a little damper on her tribute to the deceased LGBT singer but didn't dim her 5-Grammy win.

Adele shows fabulous weight loss

The mother of one has been famously working to shed pounds. Not too long ago, she posted charming workout pictures that resonated with others trying to lose weight. Early in her career the "Rolling in the Deep" singer struggled with obesity. Adele has stated that she wants to get healthier to be the best mom she can to her young son Angelo.

She'd like to have more children as well. Along with intense workouts, Adele has cut back on alcohol. The "Hello" artist also quit smoking a few years ago.

Adele resembles Emily Blunt

With lost pounds, the 28-year-old seems to have shed years from her appearance. The "Daydreamer" singer's iconic black eyeliner and bouffant gave her a retro look similar to Lulu.

And it aged her. Sans the eyeliner and weight, Adele is still beautiful but more classically so. She resembles fellow countrywomen Kate Winslet and Emily Blunt. Blunt stars in the popular book-based film "The Girl on the Train." The resemblance between the two women is striking.