On "The Bold and the Beautiful" Sheila Carter Has returned to Los Angeles with an agenda. She has convinced Eric Forrester that her motives are pure but other members of the family know something different. Sheila has made subtle remarks to Quinn regarding her suspicions that she is not keeping Eric happy. Now Sheila is intimidating Charlie into helping her get the goods on Quinn and Ridge.

Sheila Carter has not changed

Initially, when Ms. Carter returned to town she went out of her way to prove she had changed. She told Katie, Ridge, Quinn, and Eric that she wanted to make amends and then she would leave LA.

Sheila has instead decided to stick around and harass Eric's wife. Last week she overheard a conversation between Pam and Charlie and decided the information could work in her favor.

When Pam left Sheila tried to pry details from Charlie about Eric and Quinn's marriage. Charlie attempted to be vague but Sheila read between the lines. She now believes something is going on between her former husband's wife and his son. Sheila went straight to Eric's home and confronted Quinn about Ridge. Sheila warned the current Mrs. Forrester that she better not hurt Eric and then she went after the head of security for "Forrester Creations."

Charlie is in over his head with Sheila Carter

Sheila met with Charlie again and he let her know that he realizes who she is.

Ms. Carter pulls out her claws and demands that Charlie tells her what he knows about Ridge and Quinn. Suddenly the head of security is more like a bullied child. He cowers in front of Sheila and is unable to say one word. Ms. Carter now possibly has someone intimidated by her who will do her bidding. Charlie realizes he messed up by talking to this woman and probably is ashamed of himself.

He also will not want Pam or the Forresters know that he let them down.

In the past, Charlie and Pam have worked together to solve situations related to the Forrester family. This time, however, Pam does not believe Ridge and Quinn could or would betray Eric. Charlottes e is left on his own with psycho Sheila and should be very afraid.

Sheila wants Eric back and will do anything to make it happen. Now that she suspects something is up with his wife and son Sheila is on the warpath. She will more than likely blackmail Charlie into doing her bidding. Together they may be the ones to finally expose the attraction Quinn and Ridge have for each other. They may even obtain evidence to prove Ridge and Quinn have broken Eric's trust.

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