Bombshell Adele flaunted heart-stopping weight loss at an Amy Winehouse tribute recently. The singer also broke hearts by announcing that's she's taking a 10-year hiatus from touring after her "25" tour is done. Adele wants to be around for her 3-year-old son Angelo Konecki. If she's going, Adele's sure going in style. She recently graced portraits for an exhibition by Annie Leibovitz and they were worthy of Kate Winslet in her "Titanic" expose! Learn Adele's fabulously easy diet secrets right here.

Adele: from frumpy to fabulous.

Adele Adkins has an undeniably unique and record-breaking voice.

She's earned enough awards, including an MBE, (member of the British Empire) to decorate a Christmas tree. Her onstage appearance, while not unpleasing, was dowdy. At obesity level weight, Adele was pretty much forced to wear dumpy frocks. Since losing weight, she's sporting not only a slimmer figure, but also cuter boho styles. She still opts for the long, dramatic dresses which now reveal delicious curves in the right places. Stretched out on the couch in one Annie Leibovitz photo, Adele is the spitting image of Kate Winslet's iconic "Titanic" drawing, only clothed. Adele also looks a lot like actressEmily Blunt.

Graceful aging of weight loss.

With her fuller face, Adele looked younger. With a trim face she looks older, but it's glamorous type of aging.

Obesity has a backhanded way of making one look young and also old. Fat cheeks, and double and triple chins give the appearance of a chubby overgrown baby. Fat doesn't look beautiful,healthy, oryouthful. It can actually make a person look older, especially when paired with frumpy, unflattering plus-sized clothing. After herweight loss Adele looks older and hotter but also healthfully young.

How Adele trimmed down.

The "Rolling in the Deep" singer lost the booze to lose weight. A lot of celebritiessay they lost weight when they quit drinking.Alcohol, particularly white, sweet wine, beer, liqueur and liquor have a scale-tipping amount of calories. Red wine does too, but it also has resveratrol, which has some beneficialeffects on heart and circulation.

In moderation--1-2 glasses a day, red wine has been said to burn fat. Chasing a 3-year-old probably helped with the weight loss too. And when Adele goes on holiday to care for him, she'll have plentyof time for that!