"wentworth" season 5 pushed through without Bea Smith and it has been a pivotal situation for the plot to progress. Without Bea Smith, a lot of dynamics have changed inside the prison cells, one which has led Allie to where she is now, on the verge of breaking free from jail. Allie's plan to escape also involves Franky, and as the two act on their plan to escape, the viewers are left sitting on the edge of their seats wondering if they will succeed in escaping. If the prison guards catch Allie and Franky while trying to escape through the use of shipment boxes via the sewers' route, it will be a big blow for Franky's dad, who can be tagged as an accomplice in their plan.

It has been established in the series that Franky's dad was a veteran plumber and he was well-versed with the sewage plan of the prison. Freedom for Allie and Franky can be considered as "so near yet so far" because anything can happen while they are waiting for the perfect timing to execute their plan to bust out of prison.

Will Allie bring her secrets with her?

Aside from being busy in planning the escape route, Allie is also preoccupied with Jake's huge secret. "Wentworth" Season 5 is a complicated season for Allie, as she is seemingly forced to keep Jake's secret to herself or else something bad would happen to Franky's sister. With Danielle Cormack's character, Bea Smith, out of the picture, the showrunners seemed to have turned the spotlight to Kate Jenkinson's character, Allie.

Without Bea, Allie's feelings of being safe inside the four corners of the prison cell drastically changed and eventually made her a stronger person so she could survive life behind bars.

A woman with a vengeance

Bea Smith's death in "Wentworth" season 4 truly shocked the fans and some even refused to believe that it was the last that they would see Danielle Cormack in the series.

However, it appears that the showrunners really took the risk and wrote out one of the main characters in the series to make room for further plot developments. Taking away a major character is a big risk, but it seems like the risk was worth it as "Wentworth" season 5 continues to hypnotize its viewers and has them hooked episode per episode.

According to spoilers, Allie's feeling of loss and emptiness after Bea's death initially made her character hit rock bottom. She was depressed, vulnerable and very susceptible to manipulation from the people surrounding her. However, "Wentworth" season 5 spoilers reveal that Allie will soon transform into a new woman - a stronger, vengeful version of herself.