"wentworth" season 5 might be missing one major character as danielle cormack's character, Bea Smith, is written off the series with her shocking death in the season 4 finale. Fans of the series were truly shocked with how things have played out for the fan-favorite character, with thousands of viewers rooting for her. Now that Bea Smith is out of the picture, what could be in store for the fans excitedly awaiting for the next season? Is there even a slight possibility that Bea might return? Or will there be a new character introduced to the series as a way to replace and compensate for Danielle Cormack's exit?

While some fans are still hopeful that Danielle Cormack might still reappear in "Wentworth" season 5, it might be a different story for the showrunners and the network. According to reports, Cormack is currently busy with other projects and commitments, making it difficult to fit filming for the prison drama series to fit in her schedule. Originally, the drama was supposed to be aired only in Australia, but with the warm welcome received by the cast and crew, the series has become popular in the United States as well.

Death by Joan Ferguson's screwdriver

The heavy and highly intense scenes in the season 4 finale elicited high emotions from the viewers, which ended to heartbreak, disappointment, and disbelief when Bea Smith threw herself into a screwdriver used as a weapon by "The Freak" Ferguson.

The rivalry of Bea and Joan were already brimming around the edges and it was only a matter of time until they had to have a showdown.

As expected, Bea Smith and Joan Ferguson indeed had a showdown in the last episode of season 4. However, the events that transpired during their screwdriver-wielding scenes were not something that the fans have been expecting or preparing for.

The death of Danielle Cormack's character was considered to be a very risky move for the showrunners, considering that Bea Smith is one of the most important and most popular characters. That said, fans have been wondering how "Wentworth" season 5 will take with such a big chunk of the series taken away.

Getting inspiration from "Prisoner"

As most people know by now, "Wentworth" season 5 is based on the Aussie drama, "Prisoner." In the original series, Bea Smith was also considered to hold a very important and pivotal role in the plot. That said, Bea Smith's absence in the upcoming season has fans wondering if there will be a new character to be introduced or if there will be a shift in the story to make way for changes in each characters' perspective and back story.

As of writing, "Wentworth" season 5 has no solid news from the showrunners regarding new characters, so the fans of the series will jut have to wait to get more details. Talks about Aussie-actor Liam Hemsworth have been circulating on the internet but up until now, reps for Hemsworth have yet to comment on the issue.