Kevin Hart has always been an awesome actor, most especially in the field of comedy but despite this, there is one topic he does not want to drag using his craft: politics. Hart recently talked about his past, being raised roughly in Philadelphia. Aside from this, the 37-year-old actor also mentioned his A-list divorce from Torrei Hart back in 2011. However, according to his recent interview, Hart revealed that he is avoiding jokes about President Donald Trump during his stand-up shows. This is despite the fact that the President's every move is a new trend for most comedians.

Kevin Hart says no for 'alienating' his audience

According to, Hart explained that to include a political script in his act would 'alienate' some audience. “The world today, it is really not a laughing matter. It is serious. I do not want to draw attention to things I do not have nice things to say about," the "Jumanji" actor added. Back in October, he also said the same statement during his interview with Nicholas Ballasy.

Hart believed that he should not be speaking about a person he does not have good things to say. In light of this, the "Central Intelligence" star shared that the recent problems of today have not really been addressed properly. This is the reason why he chose not to speak at all.

When Trump won last November, Hart told his social media followers that negative things cannot be changed.

On the other hand, it can be recalled that one person who does not share the same view with Hart is his fellow comedian Kathy Griffin and sadly, it brought her nowhere. CNN immediately fired her after posting a photo that shows her, holding President Trump's beheaded image.

Griffin was immediately under fire on social media, and she claimed the Secret Service had contacted her. Therefore, Hart's stand about not letting politics be a part of his business has a good purpose. Aside from putting himself on the safe side, his 'genuine' humor remains to be expected.

Hart's future projects

According to the earlier source, Hart's future project includes "Untouchable." He will star in this film alongside "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston.

Prior to this project is his participation in the upcoming reboot of "Jumanji" this December. Furthermore, Hart's record as a comedian is no joke. Forbes revealed that he is the highest paid stand-up comedian earning $87.5 million from June 2015 to June 2016.