We are already six episodes after Bea's death, however, many fans agree that it's difficult to watch "Wentworth" Season 5 without her, but the gripping storyline just makes viewers want more every time. It is especially hard to see how Bea's death has affected Allie, and now, to add insult to injury, Ferguson is officially Wentworth prison's Top Dog.

Foxtel's award-winning series just aired it's most graphic scene yet, and it involved cutting a tongue. If you have not watched "Wentworth" Season 5, be warned that there are spoilers ahead. Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson just once again proved that she is not someone to be messed with.

Last season, ‘Juicy’ Lucy Gambaro sexually assaulted Ferguson, and the latter decided it's time for payback.

Vera's gruesome birthday present from The Freak

While Lucy was in a dental chair for a tooth extraction, Ferguson managed to get access to the nurse's station. She wielded a surgical blade and without any remorse whatsoever, cut Lucy's tongue. Ferguson then sent Vera a birthday present, and it's Lucy's tongue wrapped in a box. Lucy is now struggling to survive because she clearly lost a lot of blood, and if she makes it out of that state alive, she will obviously not be able to speak anymore. Thus, goodbye Juicy Lucy adlibs.

The trailer for "Wentworth" Season 5 episode 7 confirms that The Freak is officially the Top Dog.

Kaz has been promoting non-violent ways in the prison, but most inmates are not in for it, and with this recent turn of events, it's clear who inmates should follow - at least because of fear. Ferguson made it very apparent that she is that person.

Ferguson takes advantage of Allie

The new "Wentworth" promo also showed Vera saying Franky is the only one who can take down Ferguson.

Meanwhile, Ferguson is plotting to take Vera, saying her job is already "hanging by a thread," and if the warden gives in due to Ferguson's pressure, we can't imagine what's going to happen. As the season progresses, it seems like Ferguson is getting stronger every time, and it's going to be extremely difficult to bring her down, given what she can do.

The teaser also shows Allie looking very troubled, and many viewers are scared that "Wentworth" Season 5 episode 7 is going to be worse for her. The trailer teases that The Freak is going to take advantage of Allie, and she can be seen heavily crying while Ferguson leans close to her. "Wentworth" Season 5 episode 7 airs on Tuesday.