"Riverdale" is an original series on the CW based on the "Archie" comics founded in 1939. The TV series (created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa) was released in January of 2017 and quickly rose in popularity. The drama surrounds Archie and his friends as they attempt to solve the murder of character Jason Blossom.

Jughead and Betty's relationship developed steadily throughout season one

Jughead was originally introduced as Archie's old friend but he quickly became part of the group at Riverdale High School. From there, the relationship between Jughead and Betty developed from their joined interest in the Blossom case.

While Archie and Veronica are plagued with personal issues, Betty and Jughead became a rag-tag pair. As their adventures continued, they quickly became entangled in each other's personal lives and began to support each other through their struggles.

Their relationship is not without its ups and downs, however, and some of the issues that caused tension between the pair continue to haunt them in season two. The differences between Jughead and Betty's lives are noted in the first season and will be delved into with more detail in season two.

Season two of 'Riverdale' spells trouble for the fan favorite couple

With Jughead now donning the jacket of the Southside Serpents, trouble is looming for the couple. The prejudice against the Serpents in Riverdale is extreme, and the impact of Jughead's affiliation with them could leave him more estranged and withdrawn from his friends and girlfriend.

In the last Jughead scene of season one Betty is left shocked as she realizes the different worlds the pair are surrounded by.

This arc is to be continued in season two and show creators have teased that Jughead will begin to slip away from the Riverdale gang. While he attends a new school and acclimates to his foster family, he will begin to drift as he escapes from the drama and pain surrounding his life.

The show runners have released a reassuring statement, however, saying that Betty will fight to keep the two of them together. Will her strong and determined personality be enough to convince Jughead to fight for them too?

"Riverdale" is due to return on October 11 in 2017. The second season is due to be darker than the first and include another mystery, which began in the season one finale.

As the drama intensifies and the plot gets darker, one can only hope that Jughead does not get swallowed by the world of the Serpents and that Betty can pull him out in time.

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