"Chicago Fire" season 5 left fans with the worst cliffhanger of the whole series. There are plenty of questions over who won't make it to Season 6. While fans hope that all will make it out alive, the show has form for killing its main characters. While the writers want to keep all the characters in, there is an element of danger in fire fighting and the show certainly has to show that.

Knowing the outcome of the finale isn't all that fans want to see. Here's a look at four things that fans are desperate to see in "Chicago Fire" season 6.

Severide and Stella reunite

There have been plenty of hints throughout season five that Severide and Stella would get back together. Unfortunately, Severide started an ill-fated relationship with Anna after donating bone marrow to her and had to say goodbye to her just before the season finale. Stella was there for him every step of the way, showing that she still cares. Fans want to see this blossom into a relationship again, but more importantly want to see Severide finally happy!

Casey to make it out alive

Out of all the characters stuck in the burning building, Casey is the one that fans are focused on the most. Dawson and Casey finally got married and were back on the right track. There was so much hope and the season 5 finale has taken it away.

Fans need to see Casey make it out alive, especially after that beautiful speech given. The question for many fans is whether Casey will die and Kannell will take over as lieutenant.

An instant pick up of the story

"Chicago Fire" fans do not want to go into season 6 weeks into the future and have to guess what has happened. They want to see their favorite fire fighters find a way out of the burning building.

They need to see straight away whether they will have to mourn the loss of characters on the show. Luckily, it looks like the show is picking up from the events of the season 5 finale.

Kannell's story explored more

It's always hard bringing a new character into a show after five years. Kannell faces a mountain to climb to gain the love of fans.

Right now there are many who just don't care for him. If he's to gel with the fans as well as the squad, he needs to have a backstory that's explored throughout the season. However, the writers will need to find a balance between the new and old.

"Chicago Fire" season 6 has a lot to do after that epic cliffhanger. What would you like to see when the show returns to NBC? Don't forget it's switching nights to Thursdays at 10/9c for the new season.