There is a lot of drama swirling around allegations of sexual misconduct related to the “Bachelor in Paradise” 2017 season that was filming in Mexico and set to premiere at the end of the summer. Production was shut down suddenly over the weekend and now there are official investigations, lawyers, and plenty of accusations floating around. What's the latest?

An alcohol-fueled interlude has led to heavy allegations

The situation that shut down filming of “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 4 allegedly involves a drunken incident with cast members DeMario Jackson and Corrine Olympios.

The two reportedly got very frisky with one another as filming began in Mexico and a producer has since filed a third-party complaint about what went down. People connected to both Corrine and DeMario have been talking to media outlets and anonymous cast members are entering the fray as well.

People says that these allegations revolve around a consent issue as many started to speculate as the news of the “Bachelor in Paradise” shutdown emerged. Olympios and Jackson were filmed together in the pool, and everything was supposedly fine between the two after their time together. It seems that at least a couple of cast members saw the pool incident and thought that it was inappropriate considering the alcohol involved, but they allege that crew members did not intervene.

Olympios' camp says she blacked out

While people from Jackson's camp were the first to speak out, indicating that Olympios had initiated much of what happened, Corinne's camp has now gone to TMZ with her side of the story. They say that she had been drunk the entire first day of filming, never consented to what happened, remembers nothing, and wouldn't have done what she did because she has a boyfriend back home.

Production insists that no cast members complained about Corinne being too drunk to consent. In addition, TMZ says that sources they've talked to who have viewed the video footage indicate that Olympios appeared to be fully lucid and engaged in what was happening with Jackson.

In the wake of these allegations, filming for “Bachelor in Paradise” has been stopped and all of the contestants have returned home.

While the season has not been officially canceled yet, it sounds as if it's headed that way. Both Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson have had people close to them say enough that it is clear that the sexual misconduct allegations and potential legal issues do stem from their drunken pool incident, but there is much more to come as this "Bachelor in Paradise" investigation proceeds.