Things are really heating up on "The Young and the Restless" this summer. Spoiler alerts tease there may be a murder and the victim most likely will be Juliet. Ms. Helton has stirred up a lot of trouble in Genoa City and it seems she is about to pay for her crimes. The big mystery will be a whodunit? There are at least 10 suspects who have a motive for removing Juliet from the scene.

The most likely murder suspects

Juliet has ruined the Ashby marriage with her claims of sexual harassment. This makes Cane and Lilly the most likely to want her dead but do either of them really have it in them to commit murder?

Cane has had to discuss the night in Tokyo with his wife and also tell his teenage twins about the lawsuit. Juliet basically has ruined his life. He could lose his family and his job through this scandal.

The next logical suspect would be Victoria because her brand "Brash and Sassy" has been compromised. Juliet has cost Victoria a lot of money and Ms. Newman is her father's daughter. Hillary Curtis also has a motive. She is the one who initiated the lawsuit and pushed Juliet to move forward with it. Hillary may snap and get rid of Juliet in order to keep her part in all of this from coming to light. After these four there are at least six more individuals who may intervene in order to protect their loved ones.

There are others who may want Juliet dead to retaliate for their loved ones

Colin and Jill are returning to Genoa City soon. They will be shocked at what has been going on while they were gone.Spoiler alerts list these two as possible suspects because of their love for Cane. Also mentioned were Billy and Phyllis. Billy, of course, cares for Victoria.

He might get drunk and off Juliet because of the drama she has caused for his ex-wife and also the company they work for.

So now we have Cane, Lilly, Victoria, Billy, Hillary, Phyllis, Jill, and Colin. Any of these eight are suspect but there are two more the spoilers did not list. Neil and Jordan also have a motive for removing Juliet from the scene.

Neil is Lilly's father and grandfather to her twins. We already know he has a treacherous side because he kidnapped Hillary and held her captive a few years ago.

When Lilly's dad hears the tale of all that Juliet has put his family through he might snap and kill her. Jordan is in love with Lilly and very protective of her. When the entire truth comes out Jordan will be livid that Juliet has done so much to hurt Lilly the woman he truly loves. The Spoiler alerts have given fans of "The Young and the Restless" some interesting possibilities that should keep everyone glued to their seats all summer long.