Kris Jenner first found fame starring in the reality TV series "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". The show follows her life and the life of her family allowing viewers an inside look into the luxuries of fame and fortune. Kris has been married twice and her most recent marriage ended in confusion and heartbreak as her husband of 25 years Bruce Jenner revealed he was transgender.

Fans have called out Kris Jenner for altering her body online

Kris Jenner posted a photograph to her Instagram and fans have been criticizing the star for altering her appearance.

The image depicts Kris wearing a low cut crop top and leggings holding a sachet of flat tummy tea. The accompanying post from the Star refers to how she keeps her figure by cleansing her body every couple of months. However, fans believe that Kris is showing false images of her body to fans and as such have been attacking the star through social media.

If one looks closely at the image, there are some discrepancies in the photo. The wooden bench below the stars arm looks slightly warped, as does the line of her arm resting on her hip. However, these details would only be picked up by actively scrutinizing the picture. This is not the first time that Jenner has been criticized for altering her photos online.

She received a lot of abuse for her photo of herself and Gordon Ramsey.

Her role model status is being called into status

The entire Kardashian clan feature heavily as role models to young women. The women especially have been criticized over the years for altering how they appear to their millions of fans. Khloe Kardashian who has publicly opened up about her struggles with her body image has admitted that she alters her pictures before posting them online.

Fans are claiming that Kris is sending the wrong kind of message to her 17.7 million follows on Instagram.

However, despite the backlash the star is receiving from her fans online, the picture has amounted over 300,000 likes. The controversy over the post is clear, however, it is possible this is coming from only a handful of internet trolls.

This is not the first time Kris has been targeted online and it certainly will not be the last. Fans of social media stars have often acted out in cases like these.

As of yet, there has been no comment from Kris Jenner or her representatives. It will be interesting to see how Jenner will explain this to her fans and one has to wonder if she will take responsibility for altering her image.