Spoiler alerts have the answer that fans of "The Young and the Restless" Thave been seeking for months. The question of whether or not Cane and Juliet slept together in Tokyo has now been answered. This will be a boon for "Brash and Sassy" in regard to the lawsuit. Cane, however, will pay a price for the sin of omission.

Juliet will bend under pressure and tell the truth

There has not yet been a credible reason for Juliet's actions. No one knows why she felt the need to secure a job with "Brash and Sassy" in the United States. And there has been no explanation as to why she felt the need to take advantage of Cane.

Michael did a background check and found nothing incriminating in Juliet's past. There were no skeletons in her closet that answered why she needed to move to America.

Clearly, Juliet was not interested in Cane because she never tried to seduce him once they were back on American soil. Juliet even befriended Lilly and things seemed to be working out for her. Spoilers for "The Young and the Restless" say, Juliet will crack under pressure and clear her conscience. She will finally admit that she and Cane did not have sex in Tokyo.

Cane's sin of omission will be his undoing

While Juliet coming clean will exonerate "Brash and Sassy" it will only make things worse for Cane. He held back pertinent information from Victoria his employer and Michael his lawyer.

He also kept the truth from his spouse Lilly. All three of them will no doubt be angry that Cane did not tell his version of the night in Tokyo from the beginning.

His hiding the truth has caused a lot of wasted time, and money, and set off a chain of unfortunate events. Victoria will walk away with the reputation of her company intact and will not have to pay Juliet any money.

Cane, however, will be the big loser. Mr. Ashby could end up without his job and his wife. His credibility is gone and he may not be able to obtain another decent job. Cane was so intent on exposing Billy as unfit for his job and now the tables have turned.

This will also affect the children because Cane and Lilly's daughter Mattie is hanging out with Victoria's son Reid.

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Cane may also be in hot water when the truth is revealed that he sabotaged Billy in Hollywood. So it's looking like Mr. Ashby about to reap everything he has been sowing in recent months. Cane Ashby could be poised to lose everything he has worked so hard to keep. Juliet may not be the only one who cracks under the pressure.