For a while on "The Young and the Restless," its been evident that Jordan has feelings for Lilly. He began dating Hillary but it's not a serious relationship. Now that Lilly and Cane have hit a rough spot, Jordan is inserting himself into their problems. Will Lilly fall prey to his manipulation and cheat on Cane again?

Jordan oversteps his boundaries

When Jordan was hired as the Brash and Sassy photographer, he and Lilly acknowledged that they knew each other long ago. Lilly saw him as an old friend but Jordan clearly had stars in his eyes. He has encouraged Lilly's modeling career while keeping an eye on her marriage.

Even though he began dating Hillary, Jordan continued to be very protective of Lilly, even spending the night at her house while Cane was out of town.

Lilly should be careful, considering the fact that she cheated on Cane not too long ago. She should not be allowing this man to spend so much time with her outside of work but Lilly continues to allow Jordan to overstep his boundaries. On Thursday he went absolutely too far and put himself right in the middle of a situation that should be handled by Lilly and Cain alone.

The Brash and Sassy lawsuit will be the determining factor

During the closed-door meeting regarding the Brash and Sassy lawsuit, Leslie produced video footage from the Tokyo hotel and showed Juliet going into Cane's hotel room and not coming out until the next morning.

Lilly was so upset that she left the room. At home, Cane apologized for keeping this information from his wife. He said that he did not want to hurt her and insisted that he knows he did not sleep with Juliet.

When Cane leaves to go talk to Victoria, Jordan shows up. He tells Lilly that everything is her husband's fault for putting her in this situation and says that if he had a wife like her he would never be with another woman.

Jordan also points out that no one knows what went on behind those closed doors between Lilly's husband and Juliet.

A true friend would not add insult to injury and plant seeds of doubt but Jordan has an ulterior motive. He is secretly and selfishly hoping Cane did sleep with Juliet because he wants a shot at Lilly. Jordan will be disappointed because spoiler alerts indicate that Julie will crack and admit that nothing happened between her and Cane. Even so, Lilly will still be hurt because her husband did not tell the truth immediately. If she does not quickly forgive her spouse, you can bet that Jordan will be around to take advantage of the situation.