In April spoiler alerts indicated that Kirsten Storms was seen on the set of "General Hospital." She was reported to have said she would be back on the show soon. There were rumors that her return would coincide with that of Bradford Anderson who was reprising his role as Spinelli. Unfortunately for GH fans, this did not happen. Viewers simply desire to know the truth of what is going on with one of their favorite actresses and her GH character.

Spinelli has made his brief appearance while Maxie continues to be a no show

Bradford Anderson returned to Port Charles as lovable computer nerd Damian Spinelli last week.

He was not on screen long and only interacted with Jason, Sonny, and Carly. This puts to rest rumors that Maxie's return would coincide with Spinelli's. Bradford came, did his thing and now is long gone so where in the world is Kirsten Storms? And why must her loyal followers be kept in this limbo?

Soap Opera episodes air about 6 weeks from the date of taping. As Kirsten was seen on set around the end of April it's been close to 9 weeks. We are now headed into July and even with all the updates and spoiler alerts the fans still do not know what is really going on with Kirsten or Maxie. It would be a courtesy for someone, to tell the truth.

Spoiler alerts have been indicating a return to "General Hospital" for Maxie ever since Kirsten left the show in February.

Maxie's spouse Nathan said she would return in a few weeks around the end of April. He later said he received a call from his wife indicating that she would be delayed. Spoilers alluded to the fact that the Nurse Ball was in May and hinted this is when we might see Kirsten but on that they were wrong.

Fans need a factual update on the status of Kirsten and Maxie

Nathan is currently wrapped up in a ridiculous storyline where he is the face behind Amy's advice column "Ask Man Landers." Celeb Dirty Laundry reported earlier this month that Maxie would return in time to cause problems for Amy but so far there is no sign of her.

Nathan does not even talk to her on the phone anymore. It is as if she does not exist. And when Spinelli was in town he never spoke to Nathan or give him a message from his wife and stepdaughter.

This is odd as Maxie is working in Portland where Spinelli and their daughter Georgie reside.All the speculation would stop if either Kirsten Storms, her representative or the powers that be at "General Hospital" would give the fans a factual update. Until then those who watch "General Hospital" can only read updates from spoiler alerts and wait.