"General Hospital" really disappointed fans of Bradford Anderson who portrays computer geek Damian Spinelli. His much-awaited return was only for a few brief moments during two episodes. Using the time frame of the show, he was only in Port Charles for one day. Spoiler alerts indicated his stay would be brief but fans were hoping for so much more than mere minutes.

Spinelli's time on screen was almost as short as when Tracy Quartermaine saw Luke Spencer on her last day on the show. After months of speculation about his return, Tony Geary was on camera for under 60 seconds.

The hype surrounding Bradford's return

Spoilers that announced the return of Damian Spinelli did not tell fans the length of his stay. It was assumed by many that he would be around for a few months at least and involved in a hot storyline. Hopeful viewers even thought he would return to town with Kirsten Storms who is his on-screen baby mama, Maxie Jones. One rumor was that Spinelli would bring Maxie and their daughter Georgie back to Port Charles for the Nurses Ball but this did not happen.

There was also speculation that perhaps Spinelli returned to town to let Nathan know that Maxie was staying in Portland. During his brief visit, Spinelli only saw Carly, Sonny, and Jason. He had no contact with Nathan who is stepfather to his daughter.

There was no mention of Maxie, Georgie or Damian's wife Ellie. Bradford Anderson has come and gone and there is still no sign of Kirsten Storms who is slated to return "soon."

Spinelli is always welcome

Damian hacked into a government computer to get drivers license information regarding the man who sent the Chimera to Jason's son Jake.

It was revealed that he was Costa one of Helena Cassadine's minions. Jason found him and he was turned over to the police. Spinelli left Port Charles as quickly as he entered.

Should he return again, perhaps he can be a part of a more lengthy storyline. It would not have to necessarily have to do with computer hacking. Spinelli could interact with any number of characters and their storylines.

"General Hospital" viewers will always welcome back their favorite nerdy computer geek. This brief visit was not enough for loyal fans. Perhaps next time Bradford Anderson returns as Spinelli he can bring along his wife Ellie and daughter Georgie with him. By the time they show up in Port Charles again Kirsten Storms will have reprised her role as Maxie Jones. This would be a reunion that would be worth waiting for.