In February, kirsten storms abruptly left her role as Maxie Jones on "General Hospital." Spoiler alerts and rumors have surfaced almost weekly since. All of them anticipating the date of her return. It was said often that she would be back "soon." Most rumors indicated that she would surely return for the "GH" Nurses Ball in May. Now, Kirsten has actually been spotted on the set and it's almost certain her reemergence in Port Charles is coming soon.

Spoiler alert accuracy

Spoiler alerts have proven to have a high rate of accuracy regarding "General Hospital." The GH powers that be were silent about how Jane Elliot would make her exit on May 4th.

There were rumors of a "Thelma and Louise" adventure taking place in the final weeks with the return of Anthony Geary as Luke Spencer. Spoilers insisted that Anthony Geary had been on the "GH" set for one day only. It was Jane's last performance as Tracy Quartermaine. Geary as Luke indeed was on screen, but only for the last 60 seconds of Elliot's final episode.

According to spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry, Kirsten Storms was seen on the "GH" set. She took a selfie next to an image of Emme Ryan who portrays LuLu on the show. Storms was not seen filming, but ironically the same was said of Anthony Geary. It was only stated that he was on the set. It was stated that Geary may have only been there to wish his former TV wife a fond farewell.

This indicates the possibility that Kirsten was only visiting the set. Faithful fans, however, are believing that she was back in action as Maxie.

Maxie and Nathan

Maxie went to work in Portland after being fired by Nina. This was a way to see her daughter Georgie who was living there with her dad, Maxie's ex-boyfriend, Spinelli.

Maxie's husband Nathan remained in Port Charles awaiting her return. In April, after a phone conversation with his wife, Nathan said she was going to be in Portland a few more weeks. Those few weeks turned into more than a month.

The long distance relationship is why so many viewers were concerned. The lack of communication with Nathan caused some viewers to believe Ms.

Jones was not returning to the show. Now that spoiler alerts have seen Kirsten Storms on the set loyal fans are believing this time their beloved character will be back in action.

"GH" could have allowed LuLu to have a one-sided phone conversation with her BFF every now and then. Mac and Felicia are no longer regulars on the show, but they could have talked to their daughter once in a blue moon. Perhaps the TPTB on "General Hospital" were not sure themselves of Kirsten's return. This would explain why the scenes were written in the manner they were. At any rate, viewers are closer to knowing the truth regarding Maxie Jones now, than they were four months ago.