kirsten storms was last seen as Maxi Jones on "General Hospital" in February. At the time she looked gaunt, and fans were worried. No reason was given for her departure, and she was not replaced as in times past. Recently Kirsten has been posting on social media, and looking somewhat healthier. This has given fans hope, although a definite date for her return has not been stated. Two recent reports, however, indicate that Kirsten may be retuning to Port Charles in the near future. Or do they?

The rumor mill

According to TVSourcemagazine, during the week of May 1st through 5th, Nathan will receive disturbing news.

He will find out that Maxi's stay in Portland will be extended. The fact that they are mentioning Maxi indicates that she is possibly headed back to Port Charles. The wording, however, is suspect. Nathan should be elated to reunite with his Mrs., so why would her returning a few weeks later devastate him? One could infer from this that Maxi may not be coming back to Port Charles. Could it be that overzealous fans are reading the signs wrong? Consider that in none of her postings did Kirsten Storms ever say she would be on the canvas of "General Hospital" once more.

Celeb Dirty Laundry spoilers are reporting that Kirsten is looking better and fans should expect to see Maxi in late May or early June.

Again, nothing has been substantiated and everything is mere speculation at this point.

Ms. Storms has a following

Kirsten Storms has been popular ever since she portrayed Zenon in 3 Disney films. Her fan base is huge and those who love her are loyal. Kirsten took over the role of Maxi Jones and made it her own. Fans have watched her mature from a sex-crazed, self destructive, impulsive young woman, and blossom into a mother, wife, and loyal best friend.

Maxi's mother and step-father are rarely on camera. Her bestie Lulu has her own family and drama. Maxi's daughter is living in Portland with her dad Spinelli, so other than Nathan, there really are no ties that bind Ms. Jones to Port Charles. Fans will just have to take a wait and see approach.

This next week is the last for Jane Elliot, who portrays Tracy Quartermaine. Perhaps when Ms. Q makes her exit, the focus can shift to Maxi's return.