"Shameless" Season 8 filming is underway and fans are anxiously awaiting its return. There are going to be a few changes in the upcoming season that fans are going to notice right away.

A time hop in season 8?

First off, let's just acknowledge just how dang entertaining this show really is! The Gallagher family really has captured the hearts of all viewers and everyone has his or her favorite "Shameless" character. Ever since "Shameless" began streaming on Netflix, the show's popularity skyrocketed, and that is saying something because the series was already a mega-hit.

Which Gallagher is destined to follow Frank's path?

If you are not up to speed on the seasons yet, you may want to turn back now because we will be getting into some "Shameless" season 8 spoilers.

First off, fans are going to notice a big difference in one of the Gallagher kids. There will be a new actor playing the role of Liam Gallagher. Steve Howey, who plays Kev posted a ‘Shameless’ cast selfie on Twitter yesterday that included the new young actor playing the role of Liam.

At this time, we do not know the name of the actor who will be playing Liam in season 8. All we know is that he is older. This has many fans wondering if we will be seeing a time jump. If you recall, the season 7 finale ended in way that could have been a series finale.

It showed each and every Gallagher family member moving ahead with their futures.

Fiona (Emmy Rossum) had stepped up her game in the business world, Lip returned to college and AA, Ian was back at work as an EMT, looking healthy and happy, Debbie started a career as a welder, Carl was continuing on his new path in the military and Liam is growing up.

Now that Liam is older, it only goes to say so is everyone else. If the time hop occurs, where will we see everyone at in their lives? Fiona is finally taking the time for herself. She is still there for the family, but she is getting her life together, which goes to say there will be a love interest, or 12.

Fi has so many men in and out of her life, so it's safe to assume that one of them has found their way back to her.

Will it be Jimmy/Steve returning again? Fiona has it bad for Steve so he would really throw a wrench into her love-life should he return. As for Lip, we still have high hopes for him. If he can get past that alcoholic gene that Frank has passed down to him, he will go far, but it is expected to be a real struggle for him for a while longer.

Who is not pulling for Ian to find happiness? But, who will it be, Mickey, or Trevor? Tough call because in a way they are both great for Ian. Could there be a possible throuple in his life? Debbie is working hard to make a life for herself and her daughter. We are going to see Debs struggle because she is a young, single mom who is finding her way. We just hope she doesn't do something to put the baby's custody at risk again.

Carl wants to change his ways so badly and be accepted as a good guy instead of a troublemaker. However, it is in his Gallager genes also to screw up for a while longer. Now that Liam is older, he could take on Carl's past role as a wild child. He has certainly already been exposed to the Gallagher craziness. He has been held captive by Frank's debt collectors, overdosed on cocaine when he was still in diapers and taught by Frank to use the race card to get ahead.

Frank is too old to change his ways now. He could continue along his destructive path mourning Monica's passing. He may do everything in his power to attempt to join Monica in the after-life, but it is believed the higher power has some other plans in store for Frank.

No way is he going to get to take the easy way out. It would also be interesting to see Sheila and Karen and Mandy return.

Right now spoilers are based on speculation and fan theories, but there should be a few juicy tidbits leaking out real soon.

"Shameless" season 8 will start airing in October on Showtime.