Spoiler alerts for Thursday, June 22 un]indicate that Julius is going to lay a guilt trip on Maya. Mr. Avante has already expressed his views to Nicole regarding the adoption of little Lizzie. Now he will attempt to bring his transgender daughter around to his way of thinking.

Julius attempts to manipulate both Nicole and Maya

For several weeks Julius has been behind the scenes telling Nicole his opinion regarding her growing feelings for baby Lizzie. Julius sees that Nicole began bonding with the little girl while Rick and Maya were in Paris. He tells her it is only natural because she is the one who carried Lizzie for 9 months.

He also says that Lizzie realizes Nicole is her birth mother. When Julius found out the final adoption papers had not bene signed he encouraged Nicole to keep her daughter.

Spoiler alerts indicate that Julius is going to speak his mind with Maya. He no doubt will bring up the fact that Nicole gave birth to Lizzie and encourage Maya to walk away from the child she was about to adopt. What Julius is not acknowledging is the fact that Maya's husband Rick is the biological father of the little girl. And he has every bit as much right to her as her birth mother. Julius is cunning but he is no match for Rick Forrester.

A father chooses one child over the other

Julius made no secret that he did not agree with his son Myron having a sex change operation and turning into a woman named Maya.

He has come to terms with the situation now that Maya and Rick are married but It's evident that Mr. Avante cares more about Nicole. His love for his daughter is clouding his judgment regarding certain facts in the situation that cannot be ignored.

In addition to Rick being Lizzie's biological dad, there is the fact that Nicole agreed to be a surrogate for her sister and brother in law.

The plan was for Rick and Maya to raise the child as their own. She is now considering going back on her promise. Julius also is not taking into account the feelings of Nicole's husband Zende. While he loves Lizzie Zende may not want to raise Rick's child. On Wednesday he told his wife's that medical condition may be reversed.

And they should focus on one day having children of their own.

Julius more than likely has unresolved feelings about Myron becoming Maya. He is probably lashing out at his transgender child and desiring to punish her because he no longer has a son. All of this puts Nicole in the middle of her father on one side and her husband on the other siding with Rick. "Bold and the Beautiful" Spoilers do not indicate what the final decision will be.