"Shameless" Season 8 is set to begin production this month, but unlike previous reports that this would be the series finale, its main actor hints otherwise. William H. Macy says it could run for four more years beyond the eighth season.

'Shameless' extended for new seasons

Speaking at Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys, William H. Macy, who plays Frank Gallagher, talked about the life of the Gallagher family's patriarch. He said that he is definitely not tired of doing the role and that the writers have done a great job of writing those outrageous things for his character.

But from time to time, the writers are able to put some moment of humanity in Frank's life, where viewers can empathize with him, Macy said during the panel.

Macy also said that it wasn't easy to direct an episode of "Shameless." But, he also said that the show "is going to run for four more years so. Oh you didn’t know? Keep it to yourself because Showtime doesn’t know yet.”

While his statement was delivered in a joking way, fans sure hope there's some truth about it and that Showtime will extend the comedy for more seasons.

What to expect in Season 8

In the final episode of "Shameless" Season 7, the Gallagher kids seemed to be in better places and are on the right path. Carl has given up his thug life and entered military school while Liam went to private school.

Fiona is pursuing entrepreneurship, Ian serves as an EMT, Lip is trying to get back to college, and Debbie juggles being a single mother and a welder.

However, Frank discovered bags of Grade A methamphetamine in Monica's storage room and handed the bags to each of his children. He believes his dead wife wants to take care of their children, with each pound of meth costing $10,000.

Fiona wanted to flush out the drugs while her siblings were considering selling them. That remains to be seen when "Shameless" Season 8 premieres.

"Shameless" Season 8 is expected to begin production this month. Judging by the previous seasons, Season 8 is predicted to be released in October 2017. It reportedly suffered a little setback as Emmy Rossum, who plays Fiona, allegedly demanded a higher salary for her role, saying that she was unwilling to return if it was not granted. Whether they reached an agreement in favor of the star's demand, it was Emmy who confirmed in December 2016 that she is coming back to reprise her role, and work begins in May.