"General Hospital "Spoiler alerts indicate that Aunt Stella is going to find out the secret about T.J. that Jordan wants to keep from her. And the fallout will be explosive. Jordan will have to face the music regarding her past life. Her son's "aunt" will realize the truth which is they are not even related.

The secret that is about to come out

Jordan Ashford came to Port Charles working undercover. Her son T.J. was already living in the town being cared for by Shawn Butler who was his father's best friend. Shawn went to prison for a crime he did not commit and later Curtis Ashford Jordan's brother in law showed up.

It was eventually revealed that Jordan cheated on her husband Thomas with Shawn and he is really T.J.'s father. A few weeks ago Stella who is the aunt to Thomas and Curtis showed up on Curtis's doorstep for his birthday and the fireworks began,

Aunt Stella hates Jordan ad blames her for the death of Thomas. Curtis had to straighten his Auntie out and tell her a secret he had been withholding. Thomas found out about the affair and began a fight with Shawn who murdered him in self-defense. Stella still blamed Jordan and spoiler alerts say the biggest secret is about to finally be revealed.

Aunt Stella will be crushed

One of the main reasons Aunt Stella came to Port Charles is to see T.J. whom she lost contact with over the years.

She believes having him in her life means a part of Thomas is still alive. When she first met him again T.J. almost told her the truth about his biological father. He mistakenly thought the problems between his mother and aunt were related to Shawn being his dad and not Thomas.

There is so much bitterness in Stella and it's all aimed at Jordan, who cheated on her nephew with his best friend and now is involved with his brother.

When she finds out that T.J. belongs to Shawn Stella will hit the roof. Now her only connection to Thomas will be gone. nd Jordan will have to come to terms with the fallout and answer for all of her bad decisions. Jordan will now have no choice except to face the music regarding her past life.

Jordan must face the music

Jordan has a lot reconciling to do regarding her previous lifestyle.

She had an affair with her husband's best friend and was inadvertently responsible for her spouse's death. She allowed her son to grow to adulthood not knowing who is biological father really is. And now is sleeping with her deceased husband's brother. T.J. and Curtis have forgiven Jordan but Aunt Stella is probably only in the beginning stages of her resentment.

This new reveal has brought to light a lot of dysfunction and the potential to change the dynamics of everything "Auntie" believed to be true. Spoiler alerts did not indicate whether or not this would change the way Stella feels about T.J. but it will probably be a long time before she comes to terms with what she considers the wicked ways of his mother.