The "Reign" Series Finale will air on Friday, June 16. The promo has now been released and fans couldn't help but notice the teases of "Frary." This is the one relationship that all fans have enjoyed, wishing that Francis didn't have to die to continue the story of Mary's life. Is it possible that rather than Mary's execution, the final ever scene of the show will be Mary and Francis reuniting in the afterlife?

'Reign' finale promo opens with 'Frary'

The first couple of scenes in the promo for the season 4 finale are of Francis and Mary or "Frary." Considering the Marnley (Mary and Darnley) storyline, fans have wanted to see Mary back with Francis throughout the season.

There has been this need to see Mary happy, despite history making it clear that Mary's final years are in captivity and full of unhappiness. The writers couldn't quite change that, but that doesn't mean "Frary" can't happen in the end.

There are many people who believe the afterlife is with people we love and care about. It would make sense for Mary's execution to lead to Mary's afterlife, where Francis is waiting for her. The two had an epic love story from the very beginning of the series and it should end with that.

Elizabeth readies herself for war

The series finale isn't all about Mary. The promo makes it clear that Elizabeth is getting ready for war. In episode 15, Sir Francis Drake had the awkward task of telling Elizabeth he had sunk two of Spain's warships.

It was a declaration of war against the greatest Navy in the world, and Elizabeth feared it would be the end of England. She has no choice but to face the Spanish Armada.

History tells us that this is a success for Elizabeth. However, there are some timing issues. Elizabeth didn't face the Spanish Armada until the 1580s. This was more than a decade after Mary gave birth to James, but in the show, Mary has only just given birth to her son.

It was at a time when Mary was imprisoned in England, which hasn't taken place yet. It's unclear just how the timeline and the episode will play out with all this in mind.

Charles and Henri fight

As for France, it looks like it will finally be brother against brother. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the St. Bartholomew Day Massacre will happen for those who wanted to see it play out on screen.

However, there will be a break in the Valois line and Catherine will need to choose between her sons. Could this lead to a Catcisse ending as Narcisse comforts his lover?

"Reign" series finale airs on Friday, June 16 at 9/8c only on The CW.

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