Hey, "The Bachelorette" fans. Unfortunately, we have to inform you guys that your favorite show will indeed not be airing tonight. On the bright side, we do have confirmation that the show will definitely return with the new episode next Monday night, January 19, 2017, in the same 7 p.m. central time slot.

Game 5 instead

So, why is "The Bachelorette" getting pushed to the sidelines tonight? Well, the huge 2017 NBA Finals are going on right now between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. They made it to game 5. The Warriors are leading the series 3-1. ABC is covering it so they had to bump "The Bachelorette" out of their primetime lineup tonight.

If the Warriors could've pulled off a 4-game sweep, the show would have aired tonight. However, the Cavaliers were able to pull off a win to set up this game. The first team to win 4 games, wins the series so it will definitely be completed before next Monday. If you're an NBA fan, this is probably not a problem for you. If you're not, you'll definitely want to make some other plans for this evening if you haven't already.

Previews for episode 4

Now that we've gotten the bad news out of the way, we do have a bit of good news to share with you guys. ABC did release a new preview clip (below) and an official press release for episode 4. According to their synopsis description from the press release, Rachel is going to have to deal with some major drama that is going to take place between two of the men on the show!

To elaborate further, they revealed that we're going to see the continuation of the crazy cocktail party where a very frustrated Eric confronted all the guys in reference to talking negatively about him to Rachel.

Another conversation

We'll see Lee have yet another conversation with Rachel. They didn't reveal what he's going to say to Rachel during this conversation.

It sounds like he's probably going to talk more trash because they say that another heated argument is going to start up with him involved. This will drive Rachel away to talk to the other guys. It's revealed that Rachel is also going to make a very surprising decision that they describe will shock everyone!

Lee involved in all the drama

After all that plays out, they will show them heading off to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to start the next round of dates and whatever drama ensues from that.

The preview clip shows scenes that feature Lee getting involved in pretty much all the drama that's going on. At one point, Kenny tells Lee what he thinks of him and it's not nice at all. In one of the scenes, Will is shown giving Lee a lecture about the choice of words he used to describe one of the other men. Rachel is shown looking very put-off by the whole situation and doesn't want to deal with all the drama. Be sure to check out the new clip.

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