"Reign" has stuck to the bones of history, but there are certain facts embellished or changed completely. This is the case with Elizabeth I. Last night, Elizabeth faced heartbreak over the loss of Gideon, Lord Blackburn. However, did you know that this storyline was completely fabricated for the sake of the show? Here are three facts about the real Elizabeth I that you need to know going into the last two episodes.

She only loved one man

There are certainly many historians that believe Elizabeth was in love with Robert Dudley, a man she knew she could never be with. It was because of her love for him that she pushed him away after his secret marriage to Lettice Knollys.

After Robert left the court, there was nobody that she actually feel in love with and she never entertained the serious idea of marriage. She was married to her country and died knowing the Tudor dynasty would die with her.

As for Gideon, Lord Blackburn, she didn't ever meet him. Gideon Blackburn was an American Presbyterian clergyman from the 1700s. The story was developed only for the sake of the storyline.

She had a locket with a picture of her mother

There are stories of Elizabeth having a ring that was actually a locket. It had a picture of her mother, who we know as the executed Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth wasn't even three at the time of her mother's execution. She wouldn't have remembered much about her, but Anne's death affected her claim to the throne and her whole life.

It likely wasn't her mother's execution that prevented Elizabeth from marrying. She didn't have much luck when it came to stepmothers.

Elizabeth regretted Mary's death

Despite signing the death warrant for Mary, Queen Of Scots, the real Elizabeth didn't actually want it to happen. Elizabeth viewed Mary as a strong queen. There was a time that she considered Mary the heir to her English throne.

Unfortunately, things didn't quite work out the way Elizabeth and Mary wanted, partially due to Elizabeth's insecurities and fears of Catholic rebellions.

England was in a tense position religiously. There were Catholics unhappy with the Protestant way of life, and they certainly didn't view Elizabeth as the rightful heir. Mary, Queen of Scots was considered their queen.

"Reign" season 4 has just two more episodes. Elizabeth will now be out for revenge, over the death of her beloved (and technically husband) Gideon. Will she ever learn the truth about Narcisse's involvement before the "Reign" series finale in two weeks?

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