Kailyn Lowry is currently nearing the end of her third pregnancy, and she's excited to welcome her third child into her family. Lowry's two other sons are also excited to meet their sibling, but they don't know if they are getting another brother or perhaps a baby sister. Kailyn has chosen to wait until the birth to see what she's having. Lowry announced her pregnancy a few months back, and she shocked the world with the news. Many expected that her ex-husband Javi Marroquin was the father, as their divorce had played out on "Teen Mom 2."

However, Kailyn revealed that she had gotten pregnant with a third man, and he won't play a role in the child's life right from the beginning.

It is possible that this pregnancy was planned with a sperm donation, but it is also possible that she got pregnant by accident.

Is she naive about having another child?

Over the past couple of months, Kailyn Lowry has tweeted about her pregnancy, and she has received plenty of hateful messages about having a third child with a third man.

While she's not the first "Teen Mom 2" star to have a third child with a third man, she has been called naive for thinking that she made the right decision. Many feel that she should have found love and gotten married before having another child, but Lowry feels she was more than ready to take on a third child.

It is interesting that Kailyn Lowry is being slammed for getting pregnant for the third time after her doctor told her that she may not be able to carry a third child in the future.

Her decision to get pregnant was fueled by her doctor's advice, and she didn't really care about what her fans thought of her decision. She had kept everything private until the announcement that she was more than 3 months pregnant.

Why some people are excited about her future plans

While Kailyn does have her fair share of haters, she also has some supporters.

Many of her "Teen Mom 2" fans are excited about what her future holds, especially as the new baby arrives soon. She is expected to give birth this summer, but it's uncertain how she will announce the arrival of the new baby. While she could share the news on social media, she could also pay a magazine for the first exclusive photos of the baby.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's tweets about people not really caring about her getting pregnant with her third child? Do you think she's naive with this third pregnancy, or do you think she has the support and finances to make it work?