The final season of "Pretty Little Liars" is not only jam-packed with thrilling secrets but it is also sprinkled with weddings as well. Before proceeding to read the rest of the article, be advised that this contains major "PLL" season 7 spoilers. Aside from dodging death and uncovering dark secrets, the girls of Rosewood, popularly known as the "liars," still manage to have healthy love lives. Aria has Ezra, Hannah has Caleb, and Spencer had Toby, while Emily and Alison had an on-off romance. That said, who could have gotten engaged on the recent episode of "PLL"?

The executive producer of the series, Marlene King, previously announced that there would be multiple weddings in the finale, so the fans were pretty much expecting it to happen.

However, the question of who got engaged recently is still making the fans curious because it would affect the flow of the story. Ready to know who among the "Pretty Little Liars" season 7 couples got hitched recently? It was Hannah and Caleb.

The love story of HaLeb

Hannah and Caleb's love story started out as a teenage love-hate relationship that developed into friendship, and ended up as a serious relationship. Caleb was a troubled teen who started off without a home and Hannah eventually took him in to stay at her house for a while without her mom knowing.

A few weeks later they fell in love, and the rest was history. As Hannah and Caleb's relationship progressed, the latter found himself getting involved with A and helping the girls either escape or trap A. To say that Caleb was in too deep is a complete understatement.

The supportive relationship that Caleb and Hannah had tugged at the heartstrings of the viewers, making them one of the most liked couples in the series.

Numerous "Pretty Little Liars" fans are rooting for them, and their recent engagement just made the viewers so happy.

Into the woods

One of Hannah and Caleb's special moments was when they had an intimate date in the woods. It was more like a camp-out, but both ended up having one of the best nights of their lives.

In the recent episode of "Pretty Little Liars" season 7, the proposal also happened inside a tent in the woods and "PLL" loyalists found the scene to be really cute -- a sweet throwback to their first official date.

While the recent engagement of the HaLeb couple might put the series in a celebratory mood, the dangerous identity of A is still looming like a dark cloud and fans must get ready for A's incessant habit of ruining happy moments such as this.