The one common question that brings all us "Rick and Morty" fans together is, when will the second episode of the third season air? As desperate as all of us are for the answer, there are some new developments and everything else we’ve learned so far is explained below.

Tell me Everything

For those of you who are unaware, it is largely known that the whole third season of "Rick and Morty" is already written. The hold back is from the animation team who have yet to give form to most of the script. There were teasers after the current season premiere, which was well over two months ago, that gave us some insight on when to expect further episodes.

They fell short on giving us an exact date.

During the season finale of the previous season, we notice Mister Poopybutthole give us a little clue on how long it will be before we see "Rick and Morty" again. He mentions that we’ll have to wait at least a year and a half before the new season, indicating that it would be somewhere around the end of March 2017. It was roughly calculated from the air date of the season 2 finale. We did receive the pilot of season 3 in close approximation to what Mister Poopybutthole has mentioned/predicted.

Recent developments and news

Dan Harmon, co-creator of the show mentioned that the third season will contain 14 episodes in total, exceeding its previous seasons.This was revealed at the Magic City Comic Con.

The most recent video uploaded on the June 2nd by Adult Swim on their Facebook page took the fandom on an epic feelings trip ended with the message, “New Episodes This Summer”.

Another recent article that has surfaced mentions that the fandom will have to wait until early July for the second episode of the third season, titled “Rickmancing the Stone” (a pun intended title reference to the 1984 classic movie "Romancing The Stone").

It is further speculated that Summer Smith will be in grave danger in this episode, relating to the developments in the movie "Romancing the Stone."

Considering the fact that episode one of the third season has left the fandom with a serious cliffhanger and a lot of questions and unreal anticipations on how the dynamic duo are going to take their adventures further, we suppose that Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, and everybody at Adult Swim are doing their very best to deliver us the most exciting and jaw-dropping season yet.

With respect to the incredibly intricate amount of care given to the attention to detail of the previous episodes and seasons of the show, culminating this new epic season into a fully functional animated final product is not child's play. Although the wait for all the awesomeness is uncontainable and does seem like it is taking forever, all of us are certain that the longing will be worth it. What epicness awaits us, only time will tell.