Former UFC and MMA fighter War Machine or known in his real name Jonathan Koppenhaver was sentenced to life imprisonment after he brutally beaten his ex-girlfriend named Christy Mack.

The 35-year-old former professional mixed martial artist will be 71 year old first before he becomes eligible for a parole in year 2053.

Koppenhaver’s charges were from the August 2014 attack in which the prosecutors said the accused broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home and started attacking her and her boyfriend named Corey Thomas.

After being convicted in March, Koppenhaver faced a life sentence on 29 of 34 charges.

Charges included kidnapping, coercion and sexual assault.

Thomas, who suffered serious wounds and injuries, testified that Koppenhaver only stopped attacking him when Thomas mentioned about releasing him or killing him.

Christy Mack released letter about her relationship with Koppenhaver

Before War Machine’s sentence was considered final, Mack whose real name is Christine Mackinday, read her letter to the court and described her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Her letter included the narration about the serious incident which has left her with fractured ribs, ruptured liver and broken teeth.

In her letter, Mack said she had been suffering for three long years as this had affected her personally.

During the first paragraphs of the letter, she described how she and Koppenhaver were so in love with each other. She even described their relationship as something beautiful, full of energy, passionate and interesting.

Mack then revealed that things had started to change after few months of their relationship. Koppenhaver started doing small but abusive things against her.

She said he slapped her, choked her and beaten her countless time. After the incident, she revealed she was truly traumatized.

Mack ended the letter with an encouragement and positive thought saying she had entrusted the court justice for the whole process. She stated that anyone can trust the justice system and both men and women should not be afraid to charge their abusers.

War Machine accepts final verdict

According to a report, Koppenhaver has accepted the outcome of his trial and reportedly found peace through his religion. He stated that he regret the things he had done and hated himself for it. And as he found God, he gave his life for Him and added that he is at peace now as he manage his anxiety and depression.

War Machine also reportedly took to his Twitter account to beg his ex-girlfriend’s forgiveness and stated that being found guilty for the crime saved his ow life.