Fans knew throughout the "Pretty Little Liars" midseason break there would be a wedding. Now the episodes are gearing towards that and next week will see an engagement. The big question is who it will be. All Liars are now with someone and the potential for moving to the next episode is big. Let's take a look at the four couples to try to work out who will get engaged next week.

Aria and Ezra

This is a problem couple right now. Aria is hiding a dark secret that could put Ezra in jail. It's going to cause an issue for them, as Ezra finds out the truth.

Many fans suspect that during season 4 (after learning that Ezra had started dating her to help write his book) Aria decided to file a police report about him stalking her. She had a change of heart and the two are back together.

Could these two get engaged in "Pretty Little Liars" next week? This is unlikely since they are already engaged. However, they could still be the couple to marry in the end.

Spencer and Toby

This is the least likely of the rest of the Liars to get engaged. The two have only just gotten back together and that was only possible because of Yvonne's death. There are high chances that Toby isn't quite ready to ask someone else to marry him. There is also a lot of water under the bridge when it comes to this couple.

They will have a lot to talk about and discuss before they even think about marriage.

Hanna and Caleb

This is possibly the most likely contender for an engagement next Tuesday. The two are finally back together, after Caleb cheated on Spencer with Hanna. This is something that the majority of fans wanted, seeing Spencer and Caleb together was just too strange.

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They look like they're in a good place and have good history together, especially now that Hanna admitted how she felt and what she did after walking out on Caleb in the rain.

Emily and Alison

How many fans wanted to see the two finally get together? Well it's happened, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is good news. The two are together mainly for the sake of Alison's baby.

These two have a lot to discuss and there are a lot of lies they've both told to get to where they are now. It is possible Emily will propose thinking it's the right thing to do to move forward in their relationship, but Alison may say no.

Out of all the couples on "Pretty Little Liars"" season 7, it looks like there is one clear couple to get engaged. It has to be Hanna and Caleb, considering Aria and Ezra are already together. The other two just don't quite sit right just yet.