Nicole Kidman is turning 50-year old very soon, and she finds it a special chance to spend time with her loved ones. The Actress was caught by E! News as she walked the red carpet of "The Beguiled" premiere in Los Angeles. She revealed that she wanted to have a low-key celebration which will happen this June 20. She also added that she wanted to spend time with her husband and kids, as well as with her mother, Janelle.

A visit to Australia

As Kidman shares her Birthday plans, the actress also made mention about her mother who is currently living in Australia. She added that her mom seems to be so far away and that she doesn't want her to travel that long.

Hence, the actress might be visiting her mother in Australia despite the fact that her sister will be visiting her soon together with her six kids.

For the meantime, Kidman has kept the details of her birthday in private. Nonetheless, most likely, the actress will be celebrating her birthday with her closest friends, families, and of course over a delicious birthday cake and wine. The Oscar winner actress further added that she doesn't need a bigger celebration; she just needs her family to be close to her during that day. In an interview, she added, "If I have my family around me I am happy."

Quality time with mother

The Hollywood icon has also emphasized that she will be spending her quality time with her mother, Janelle, who is currently 76 years old.

She added that she had got whole summer off and apparently, she will use her time relaxing and being with her family. She also added that she would be embracing being 50 years old happily. She feels blessed reaching her age.

Kidman is definitely making an effort to travel back to her native land, Australia, in order to see her mom. The "Big Little Lies" actress seems to focus on family time first as she is about to take on the biggest year of her life being 50.

Kidman also admitted that she had previously thought of retiring from her career when she was 40 years old; however, she appeared to be a lot blessed to have gotten a lot of projects recently.

Meanwhile, weeks before her birthday celebration, Kidman just got her film actress award during the huge event in London. Her upcoming visit to Australia will mark the seventh month after her mother got rushed to the hospital following a suspected heart problem.

Right now, Janelle is under the care of Kidman's sister, Antonia. It is also believed that her mother has already fully recovered.

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