What can you say about Niclole Kidman's flipper-like use of her hands while clapping at the Academy Awards Sunday night? Maybe throw her a fish? The beautiful Nicole Kidman was elegantly dressed and was the epitome of class, but when it came time for applause at the Oscars, she mirrored a seal.

Nicole Kidman pushed the palms of her hands together in a clapping-like motion, but her fingers were curled backwards like flippers. She held her hands up high and started a motion as if she was about to applaud, but Kidman looked as if she were imitating a seal clapping for a fish instead, as seen below in the video.

"Fox and Friends" on Monday morning did a segment on Kidman's clapping, starting off with the question, "what's with her hands?" Social media has tagged Kidman's clapping, the "Grinch clap."

"ET Online" suggests that "the illusion of her perfection was absolutely shattered." This happened as soon as Kidman broke into that bizarre clapping motion, as it wasn't hard to miss.

What's up with Kidman's hands?

A lot went on at the Oscars Sunday night, but one of the most memorable moments during the 89th Annual Academy Awards will go down in history as the night Nicole Kidman forgot how to clap properly.

Social media has been relentless over Kidman's clapping. When you slow the clip down, you will see that her hands didn't even make contact a few times during this bizarre display.

Nails just done?

"Fox and Friends" suggested that Kidman might have just had her nails done and this is why her clapping looked so bizarre. It probably would have been better for Kidman if she just didn't clap at all.

She would have at least spared a Monday morning "clapping like a seal" storm via social media sites.

Social Media users flocked to the clips of Kidman online to watch just what she did when the rest of the audience broke into applause. This is where the "flippers of a seal" were mentioned over and over again. There wasn't much debate over what folks were seeing coming from Kidman, it seems most everyone tagged this as one bizarre incident.

Oscar history made

It was obvious that the person who was working the camera and panning it through the crowd at the 2017 Academy Awards noticed what Kidman was doing because the camera took a long shot of Kidman clapping away. Or making a clapping-like motion!

Even folks from as far away as New Zealand are asking, "Why Can't Nicole Kidman Clap," which is the headline today from Spy, a publication out of that country. So far Kidman hasn't offered up an explanation about her clapping ordeal, but from the sounds of it, people are waiting with baited breath for that to happen today.