When Dina Mergeron returned to Genoa City in May, she did not come alone. Accompanying her was a very handsome much younger man whom she introduced as Graham Bloodworth. His true role in Ms. Mergeron's life has yet to be revealed but her children believe he is a gigolo who is after Dina's fortune.

Bond between Graham and Dina

While her children assume Graham is her lover, viewers of 'The Young and the Restless' are seeing something different. There has been no romantic contact between Ms. Mergeron and her younger companion. Graham seems concerned with her wellbeing and making sure she is not overly stressed.

He seems as suspicious of Jack and Ashley as they are of him.

In the past, Dina has shown herself to be pretty selfish. She cheated on her husband John Abbot and lied for years that her daughter Ashley was his child. Dina's relationship with her children has been strained because she left John Abbot when they were young. She has returned to Genoa City from time to time but has never been able to bridge the gap with Ashley, Traci or Jack.

This time Ms. Megeron came back to finalize the sale of her company to Neil and Devon. An unexpected benefit has been that she and her children seem to be getting along. And it's been under Graham's watchful eye. During this trip Dina has and her children have come to an understanding and she has met and fallen in love with her granddaughter Abby.

What is Graham's true role in Dina's life?

Max Shippee portrays Graham as a strong silent type. He stands by Dina's side offering wise counsel. Most times, she listens but as time goes on she rebels. Jack wants his mother to stay in town but Graham keeps telling her that she cannot. This caused some viewers to believe that Dina is ill and wants to leave Genoa City before she dies.

You can see that she is genuinely thrilled that her children have welcomed her but something is causing Dina to keep them at arm's length.

Ashley believes Graham is trying to obtain control of Dina's assets and Jack agrees. They have been unable to find out anything concrete about this mystery man who is in their mother's life.

So is Graham simply a companion, or is he something more? Could he be a paid full-time hospice worker who is assigned to Dina until she passes away? Is he a medical doctor that she hired to oversee her condition.? Whatever his role in her life, fans of "The Young and the Restless" are delighted to have the handsome Max Shippee join the Y&R cast as Graham.