Popular radio host and legend Casey Kasem died on June 15, 2014. More than three years have passed and the war between his widow Jean Kasem and his children continues on according to Radar Online.

Estate battle driving Casey Kasem's family further apart

Jean, the 63-year-old widow of Casey has filed numerous lawsuits over the years against his children Kerri, Mike, and Julie for wrongful death, negligence, and fraud. Casey's daughter Kerri Kasem spoke to People magazine after Jean filed her wrongful death suit stating that all the information listed in Jean's court papers is false.

Is anyone really responsible for Casey Kasem's death?

Kerri and her siblings believe that their father died because of Jean's actions and that if not for her their dad would have lived a couple years longer. She also states that she and her siblings did everything they could to save him and for Jean to "say we unplugged him is disgusting and evil."

The entire thing is very sad. If you listen to Jean's side she states that Casey's children conspired together to get their father to sign a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care. She alleges that they waited until Casey was alone with them, and on numerous strong medications to have him sign the papers.

However, the Kasem children have their own beef with Jean claiming she abused their elderly and dying father by forbidding his children to see him for months before he died.

Kerri also claims that as soon as their father died Jean immediately went after their inheritance money that their dad left for them and the grandchildren.

The lawsuits have delayed the settling of Casey's estate by more than two years and it appears as if it is going to be a long while before things get settled between the feuding Family members.

Casey Kasem before his death had been battling Lewey body disease which is the most common progressive dementia after Alzheimer's. Casey's immediate cause of death, however, was said to have been caused by sepsis from an ulcerated bedsore. Right before Casey Kasem's death, a Los Angeles County judge granted Kerri the authority to have doctors end Casey's infusions of water, food, and medications.

Which were the wishes that Casey had expressed in a 2011 medical directive.

Following his death, Casey remained unburied for six months due to the family's legal battles. Jean, however, secretly had Casey's body shipped to Norway where he was buried without the knowledge, or presence of his children.

When Kerri Kasem found out about the secret burial she took to Facebook blasting her stepmother and half-sister for going against her father's wishes to be buried in the United States. The family battle rages on. What are your thoughts on Casey Kasem's death and family feud?