Anderson Cooper has some superstitious views about inheriting money, which is why he reveals he does not want a dime from his famous and very wealthy Mom, Gloria Vanderbilt's $200 million dollar fortune when she passes.

Anderson Cooper reveals he has no need for an inheritance

Vanderbilt, 93, best known as an artist, author, actress, fashion designer, heiress, socialite, and mother of four sons, has a huge bank account. Her four sons (Leopold Stanislaus "Stan" Stokowski, Christopher Stokowski, Carter Vanderbilt Cooper (deceased) and Anderson Cooper) would stand to inherit a large amount of her fortune.

However, Anderson Cooper has stated many times over the years that he believes it is "bad luck" to inherit money.

Family money is a curse

“I don’t believe in inheriting money. I think it’s an initiative sucker. I think it’s a curse.” Anderson Cooper may have the Vanderbilt family blood running through his veins, but he is firm that he will not be inheriting the generations of Vanderbilt family money. ”Who has inherited a lot of money that has gone on to do things in their own life? From the time I was growing up, if I felt that there was some pot of gold waiting for me, I don’t know that I would’ve been so motivated. I’m doing fine on my own, I don’t need any,” he says. (Hollywood News Daily).

Anderson Cooper has done very well for himself, finding huge success as an American journalist, reporter, television personality, and author his way, on his own despite battling a learning disability.

Cooper reveals that at age 11 he was diagnosed with mild dyslexia, an obstacle that he has never let get in his way of achieving his lifetime goals.

It is not known if Anderson's two step brothers feel the same as their baby brother when it comes to inheriting mom's massive fortune, but if they did, which is most likely doubtful, where would Gloria Vanderbilt's massive fortune go?

In 2012, however, Anderson agreed to reveal publicly that he was gay, giving his partner at the time (Andrew Sullivan) permission to publish an email that discussed his decision to make the public announcement.

The email stated that Anderson believed that by keeping his sexual orientation a private matter that it was assumed he was hiding something. He revealed that he is gay and very comfortable and proud of himself.

Anderson has been in a relationship with boyfriend Benjamin Maisani since 2009. Cooper continues to lead a very exciting and interesting life as a reporter and journalist, he also has opened up about his personal life in his book co-written with his mom, "The Rainbow Comes and Goes." It is a touching look into the loving but difficult mother and son relationship.

As far as Gloria Vanderbilt's fortune is concerned, it will be very interesting to learn what becomes of her massive family fortune. Do you agree with Anderson Cooper's thoughts on inherited money?